An Update on Printed Subscriptions

An Update on Printed Subscriptions

Printing PressWhile TCT Magazine is still taking printed subscription orders, I wanted to let everyone know where we stand for the January 2014 issue.

It turns out that printing a magazine isn't cheap or easy, which is why we've published our 2,000 subscriber minimum before we can 'turn on' printed subscriptions. As of today (December 3rd) we're just over 10% of the way to our 2,000 subscriber goal. This means that when the January issue of TCT Magazine is published, we won't be able to order the printed copies (yet).


Our 2,000 subscriber minimum is set by the fact that 2,000 is the absolute minmum number we can order and have poly-bagged and mailed to our subscribers. We have to purchase that many copies even if we don't have the subscribers to support it. Our parent company, Zaxyn Media, is happy to foot the bill for a few extra copies, so realistically once we hit about 1,500 subscribers we'll go ahead with the order. Unfortunately at our current subscription rate we'll hit 1,500 sometime in the middle of 2014.

Once we meet our minimum for the order, copies of the January issue will be delivered to each subscribers door, in a poly bag, in pristine condition. Other issues will follow on time, and of course the digital PDF of each issue will be published on time as well. We highly encourage you to order a printed subscription if you haven't already, just please understand that we can't 'turn on the printers' until we meet our minimum number of subscribers. If you've already subscribed and wish to have a refund, you should have received an e-mail with information on how to have your money refunded. If you've subscribed and didn't see that e-mail, get in touch and we'll get you refunded.

We thank you for your support and look forward to sending out printed copies as soon as we possibly can!


Shane Williams
Publisher, TCT Magazine