The Toytec SEMA 4Runner

The Toytec SEMA 4Runner


You probably saw a few photos of this very nicely built 5th Gen 4Runner from our SEMA 2014 coverage last year. Toyota was kind enough to place this truck in their outdoor featured vehicles area and it was very well covered.


Early this year, about the same time we were planning our TCT Explorer Tundra Build, Angie & I started talking about our Family Hauler, the 2007 GX 470. With its V8 engine and plenty of room, the GX served us well for the two years we had her. However every time we took her into the dirt we just weren’t sure she was a good fit. That feeling, combined with our fond memories of the TRD FJC, had us both thinking of something a little more suitable for exploration needs.

I remembered Doug (owner of Toytec Lifts) mentioning that he may sell the SEMA 4Runner in order to make room for a 2016 Tacoma when they become available in a couple of months. I told Angie I may know of a well-built 5th Gen 4Runner for sale and showed her some of our SEMA photos. The conversation lasted about 5 minutes:

Shane: Here’s Dougs 4Runner, not sure what the details are but it’s a great truck with several custom features.

Angie: I want it.

Shane: Ok, let me get in touch with Doug & see if it’s still for sale.

Angie: Great, tell him we’ll come get it next week.

Shane: I heard back from Doug, he does want to sell it, and is willing to keep the price reasonable since he knows she’ll be very well taken care of.

Angie: Can we go get it now?

Shane: No, we need to figure out financing and make arrangements.

Angie: Excellent, let me know when I can go get it.

If you haven’t met my better half yet, she’s very much as passionate about great trucks (and fast cars) as I am, so when she’s excited about a new vehicle, there’s no stopping her. That’s reason number 89 why I married her =)

Not less than 10 days later, the 4Runner joined our CrewMax Tundra in the garage. Our stable is now full and ready for the next round of adventure.

This truck has already been out & about exploring Colorado this year, as you may have seen via our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Last weekend we headed to the hills just north of 

Colorado Springs to get a few shots near the red rocks. We even found a little mud :)

In a few weeks we’ll attend our 9th FJ Summit, but it will be the first without an FJ Cruiser. The truth is that the last 2 years we didn’t really use the FJ while at the Summit, so while it will be a major change, the 4Runner really is a perfect fit. We’re very excited to get her on the trails this summer!