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White Rim Trail [FRAMED]

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A great 2014 FJ Summit video from Australian website


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Lone Star Jamboree 2014

Deep in the Pineywoods region of East Texas, the Dallas-based club known as the Toyota Trail Riders holds the annual Lone Star Toyota Jamboree at a large off-road park.  The Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area contains nearly 2,000 acres atop one of the tallest hills in the area. Scenic wooded trails are scattered across all sides of the hilltop, dipping into the connecting valleys. Trail difficulty levels range from easy, which are suitable for stock trucks, to the boulder-strewn playgrounds for crawlers.  

2014fjscoverIf you didn't make it to the Summit, or would just like to check out the event guide from this year - now you can! The guide is availble as a PDF download right HERE.

This year we included several new articles (Family Activites & Animas Forks) along with the great maps you've come to expect in the event guide.

You can download this guide and bring it along the next time you visit the Ouray / Silverton / Telluride area, or collect them all!

Do you have great photos or an article idea for the 2015 guide? Get in touch & let us know your thoughts!

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July 2014 Toyota Magazine 4Runners in Moab, TRD Pro Test Drive, Cruise Moab, Overland Expo, Dual Battery InstallGet Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App Store

Summer is in full swing, and we're getting ready to head to Ouray for FJ Summit #8!

But before we do, how about the July issue of Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine?

This issue is one of our best yet, with coverage of more events than ever before! You'll find a pic Phillip took at the Lone Star Jamboree on the cover, and inside we have stories from Overland Expo, Texas Lone Star Jamboree, Rock Therapy, Cruise Moab, and several trip reports. We have plenty more in this issue too:

  • download_nowMojave Road Report
  • Pirahna Dual Battery Install
  • TRD Pro Test Drive
  • 4Runners in Moab: Spring Break!
  • CBI 4Runner Bumper Long Term Review
  • Camp Stoves, Part 3
  • Choosy Troopy
  • Desk To Glory: Part 1
  • Cooper Tire Review
  • Introducing: The Sniper 4 Door FJ-40
  • MORV Trailer Upgrades
  • Join the TCT Trail Team!

Don't forget, you can now get TCT delivered straight to your iPad via the TCT Magazine app. At just $2.99 per issue, or $9.99 for an annual subscription, it's the best way to experience Toyota Cruisers, Trucks, and SUVs. We include videos & slideshows for many articles, and everything is fully interactive!

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If you are searching for a wheel that is unique and is designed to specifically fit your Toyota, then you need to check out Stealth Custom Series.  SCS is a wheel company dedicated to sleek, dynamic, and modern wheel design. SCS was founded by a group of off-roading enthusiasts in 2011 in Northern California that focuses on limited-production and premium wheel models. Their wheels are engineered, manufactured, and inspected by one of the most respected alloy wheel producers in the world. All SCS wheel models adhere to industry safety standards and are approved by JWL, JWL-T, and VIA to ensure uncompromised quality. The wheels are hub-centric and are specifically designed for Tacomas, FJ Cruisers, 4Runners, and Tundras.   download_now

SCS Wheels for Toyota Trucks

Some of you may have seen the recent Top Gear (USA) episode that included a 2014 TTUE FJ Cruiser, the Overland Journal LR4, and an AEV Brute Jeep conversion. If not, you can watch it here. I'll wait.

Top Gear USA on History FJ Cruiser

Before I wrote this I watched the episode a few times, partly to capture a few screen shots, but mostly to make sure I really understand what was going on. Like most network television, Top Gear is simply entertainment. The hosts are nice enough guys, and they make us chuckle, but they're not necessarily experts when it comes to vehicles, espcially when it comes to off-road, 4x4, or overland vehicles. When keeping that fact in mind with this particular episode, it's actually quite entertaining.

But there is more.

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Right Channel Radios CB Kit for FJ CruiserIf you've been reading our magazine for a while (remember when we just wrote about FJ Cruisers?), you may have seen a great article in our July 2012 issue on CB Radios from Right Channel Radios.

We just found out they've created a specific kit on their website, just for FJ Cruiser owners! This kit includes:

  • Cobra CB Radio
  • Firestik Antenna
  • Bandi Mount
  • 18 feet of coax cable
  • Standard SWR Meter & cable
  • Step-by-step installation guide

Starting at $209.95 (you can upgrade the antenna if you wish), it's a pretty good 'one stop' to get your FJC setup with a CB Radio.


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Beginning the second decade…..download_now

For those of you not familiar with this event, allow me to give you some background info.  2014 was the 11th annual Round Up held by Lone Star Land Cruisers, which is an event open for all.  Our rules are simple: be safe and have fun.  Katemcy Rocks near Mason, Texas offers the perfect venue and a very unique opportunity for fun in the heart of Texas.  The park consists of granite outcrops offering all types of wheeling from the crazy “I got this…” picture opportunities to rock obstacles and trails that offer chal

2014 Lone Star Roundup | Toyota Land Cruiser Magazine

lenge, but little chance of damage.  You can hop on a trail and run the obstacles or simply take off across the ranch in search of a playground fitting your rig and level of driving expertise.  The event has developed a following that routinely draws rigs from coast to coast.  This year included a half a dozen rigs from California and Nevada.  There were also rigs from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and of course Texas.   

Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreLast but not Least. The FJ Cruiser Trail Team Ultimate Editiondownload_now

2014 Trail Team Special Edition FJ Cruiser | Toyota Magazine

It’s the end of the trail for the FJ Cruiser and Toyota leaves us with the special edition FJ Cruiser Trail Team Ultimate Edition (FJ UE). The FJ UE marks nine years of Toyotas modern style SUV which paid homage to the original and renowned FJ40. In those nine years the FJ has become an off road legend and shows its prowess as one of the most capable vehicles. It’s no slouch in stock form, but a few add on items get you a serious trail rig. The FJ has seen several special editions over the years, including the very popular Trail Teams Editions and the original TRD Special Edition, as well as a few lesser known vehicles such as the ARB Edition FJ Crawler and XPLORE Edition. All of these vehicles had the 4.0-liter V6 and 4x4 underpinnings, but were equipped with various accessories which boosted performance and/or off road capabilities.

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