Lone Star Toyota Jamboree

Lone Star Toyota Jamboree

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With 286 Toyota 4x4 trucks in attendance, the 2015 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree event experienced an attendance record that practically doubled the previous record. What was the recipe for this success? Since this was the 10th anniversary of the event, the organizers increased publicity, sought out more vendors and special guests, and provided more meals and over $40,000 in prizes.  


Each year, the Dallas-based Toyota Trail Riders club reserves the Barnwell Mountain OHV Park for the 4-day event. Located in East Texas near the town of Gilmer, the 1,850 acre park features long and challenging trails at all difficulty levels. The presence of the easier trails allows TTR to promote the event as ideal for folks new to off-roading. TTR fulfills this feature by offering an off-roading 101 class, followed by guided runs specifically for beginners and stock vehicles.

Special guest Ivan “Ironman” Stewart discussed his racing career, signed autographs, posed for photos, and rode along on trail runs.  Toyota made a surprise visit offering tacos for lunch while displaying the 2016 TRD Off-road Tacoma. A Toyota engineer was on-hand during Taco Time to discuss the new Tacoma.

The event is always well-organized, and this year was no exception. Vendor presence was quite massive as compared to previous years. The designated vendor area was located just outside of the main pavilion. As people lined up for meals, they were routed through the vendor area for maximum exposure. 

The park trails were more challenging due to the amount of rain leading up to the event, resulting in increased levels of truck damage and extractions. The first section of the ever popular Clyde’s Ravine trail was transformed into a massive mud pit and was thus closed off. Night runs are always a highlight at Jamboree, but this year, the runs were far more interesting with the added fun of soaked trails.

Despite the increased carnage, fun was had by all. Each day, stories, videos, and photos of the multiple trials and tribulations were shared with laughter and smiling faces. 

If you missed out, there is always next year. Jamboree usually falls on the first weekend of May, so mark your calendar now. Updates will appear on the Facebook page, as well as the website:



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