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Introducing Rokmen Offroad

Written by  Bob Holliday
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Rokmen Offroad

To some of you, Rokmen Offroad may seem like a new name, however, these guys are anything but new to the off-road industry.  Dave and Jeff have nearly 30 years of combined off-road industry experience and bring with them over a decade of high quality fabrication and knowledge to the Toyota market.

Over the years Rokmen has made a name for themselves in the Jeep market by providing high quality, high performance suspension components, armor and many other aftermarket products over a wide variety of Jeep platforms.  Looking to spread their attention to detail and pursuit of providing high quality products for competitive pricing, Rokmen has begun to spread their reach into the Toyota, Dodge and Ford markets.

I had a chance recently to meet up with Dave and Jeff who are the master minds behind Rokmen Offroad to dig a bit deeper into what makes Rokmen stand out among the ever increasing crowd of aftermarket manufacturers.

Around the same time Dave’s chocolate Lab was brought into this world, Dave and Jeff gave life to Rokmen Offroad.  What started with an engine swap back in 2002, Dave and Jeff have been building their business to become a successful Colorado based fab shop and nation-wide manufacturer of high quality products for a variety of vehicle manufacturers in the off-road market.

When asked why Dave and Jeff decided to make the move from their well-established place in the Jeep industry, they mentioned that the overall goal is to provide high quality products to the “average Joe,” for reasonable prices.  They want to make sure that their customer, no matter the make or purpose of their vehicle, has the components necessary to build a functional and reliable rig.

Forged in Colorado, Rokmen uses 7075 aluminum, which has nearly double the tensile strength of the more common 6061 aluminum, and in turn, brings added strength to their ever expanding product line.  CNC machined with quality hand polished finishes, Rokmen ensures their products don’t just look good, but also meet their high standards set after set, for every product offered.  For their suspension components, Rokmen has teamed up with Currie and are utilizing Johnny Joints in their links for Jeep, FJ Cruiser and 4Runner platforms.

What sets Rokmen apart from the rest of the crowd?  “Our passion is in our products.”  Dave and Jeff are able to pay close attention to the details that distinguish a good product from a high quality product.  “It’s the little things” Dave mentioned, that keeps him continually looking to better their products, picking apart their own products, always looking for ways in which to make them better.  Their quality control allows them to offer the same high quality, time and time again, giving the customers a product they can rely on for years to come.

Even though Rokmen has been expanding greatly into the manufacturing side of the industry, they still haven’t left their roots behind.  Each time I go back to their shop, they always have a full bay full of customer rigs looking to get the Rokmen touch.  Dave is the mastermind behind many of the CNC productions, while Jeff works his magic on the many build projects that come in and out of the shop.

What can we expect next to come out of the Rokmen team?  With the help of key partnerships around the industry like Toytec Lifts, they will continue to push themselves to provide high quality products for your next project; helping you build a functional and reliable vehicle for both on and off-road domination.  With no need at this time to expand vastly, Rokmen plans to remain a small Colorado fab shop while leaving a large footprint on the market, offering high quality manufacturing for their industry partners.  With their eye on creating their own shock component line, A-arms and link joints for a variety of Toyota platforms, keep an eye on these guys as they’ll be bringing some magic to the market that we’ll all want to get our hands on.

Follow Rokmen’s journey on Facebook and check out more on their company and products atwww.rokmen.com.  Rokmen’s craftsmanship can also found onwww.toyteclifts.com and Toytec’s ever growing product base for our Toyota Cruisers and Trucks.

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