First Look: Trail Finder 2 RTR from RC4WD

First Look: Trail Finder 2 RTR from RC4WD

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I've loved the 4x4 and off-road industry for as long as I can remember. After running this magazine for almost 10 years though, I've realized something. With little exceptions, none of us gets to explore as often as we'd like.  

The desire to get on dirt, explore new places, and find adventure around every corner is not something that's easy to quench. Luckily, I've finally found an outlet that allows me to play...with a toy...and quench that thirst, for just a little while.


Late in 2016 I received my Trail Finder 2 ready to run kit from RC4WD, one of the top names in Radio Controlled 4x4 vehicles. While this truck is reminiscent of the original Toyota (Hilux) pickup, they also sell very nice FJ-40 Land Cruiser models, among others. This truck was basically ready to go out of the box. The remote was already setup and the truck came fully assembled. I added a LiPo battery that I use with my drone aircraft and was off & running (you can also use a NiCad if your prefer). 

Ok...I'll admit that I don't generally spend much time 'playing'. Between a full-time job, my lovely family, and this awesome magazine - I stay pretty busy. Once I had this truck rolling though, I realized how relaxing RC wheeling can be.  

I've always been interested in RC trucks, but frankly have never made the time to build one from scratch. RC4WD makes that part easy by delivering a ready to wheel truck. It literally took 5 minutes to unpack, another 4 to adapt my drone battery, and about 2 minutes to figure out the easy controls. I was wheeling in the snow in less than 15 minutes!

Thus far I've managed to get the truck buried in snow, flipped on the kiddie couch in our basement, crawling over toys, climbing on rocks outside my office, and hauling a-- up & down the street in Fairplay. Not bad for the first month ;)

I intend to bring the rig on all of our trips this summer as well, so check our website & social outlets for updates. RC4WD will also be sending a few licensed upgrades for the truck, so it'll be exciting to get those installed and personalize this rig a bit. 

Finally, several of our editors have also been busy building and modifying RC trucks. We'll do a full roundup of their trucks on our website this summer. Do you have a killer RC Toyota? Send us a note or post on our Facebook page, we'd love to feature your mini-rig.

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