TRD Pro Tundra: Border 2 Border on Dirt Every Day

TRD Pro Tundra: Border 2 Border on Dirt Every Day

Who doesn't love a great video featuring a TRD Pro Tundra?

In this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred Williams takes an Inferno TRD Pro from the US-Mexico border on the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Pacific Ocean in Washington State, with plenty of fun dirt tracks along the way.


The episode is sponsored by 4 Wheel Parts, so the team made sure there was ample opportunity to test some of their gear. Also, the crew (who mostly ride in a 2nd Tundra), made sure the TRD Pro Bilstein suspenion was nice & shiny for the off-road shots. That makes sense since this is basically a 29 minute video showing how awesome the TRD Pro trim is.

Our favorite? Taking the Tundra up Hell's Gate on Hell's Revenge in Moab multiple times. This is a 'stock' TRD Pro, without added lift, tires, or traction control devices.

This really is an amazing truck, and the message of 'get out & explore' hits home for many of us.


Editor's Note: Some of the shots in this video are not great examples of how to enjoy your outdoors (speeding through the forest for example). These are professional drivers on a closed course (we hope).