Cooper ST MAXX Long Term Review

Cooper ST MAXX Long Term Review

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We have had an on-again, off-again relationship with Cooper Tires ever since we purchased our 1998 4Runner in 2006. We initially ran a set of their Adventurer A/T and a set of their Discoverer S/T tires before embarking on a five-year, 82,000 mile fling with remolded tires. That fling ended tragically last July with a sidewall failure and blowout as we were traveling through Montana. It was then that I reachedout to our readership to ask which tire you would want us to review. Much to my surprise, you overwhelmingly asked for us to review the Cooper Tire Discoverer S/T MAXX. So, we reached out to Cooper Tire, and three weeks later I had five brand new 285/75R16 tires sitting at my house.

As with its more aggressive sibling, the Discoverer STT Pro, the Discoverer S/T MAXX utilizes Cooper’s patented 3-ply “Armor-Tek3®” construction, which consists of a full 3-ply carcass. The third ply is overlapped at an 8-degree angle to produce a 66% stronger and 2.5 times more tear resistant side wall compared to the Discoverer S/T. The S/T MAXX also features a new, and proprietary, cut and chip resistant blend of natural and silica-based rubber compound for the tread. Cooper Tires’ goal with combining these two elements into the S/T MAXX was to produce a tire that is “built for demanding off-road use to give you the confidence of having a tire that is built to last.”

Cooper ST MAXX Long Term Review

I explained the backstory at the beginning to set in your mind where I am coming from when writing about my experience with the Discoverer S/T MAXX. Over the last year our set of Discoverer S/T MAXX tires have seen just under 10,000 miles of mixed driving. They have seen everything from hot pavement to muddy back country roads and snowy winter driving. So now that we are a year in to running them, I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on how well the S/T MAXX tires have performed.

Dry Pavement Traction
I am starting with the dry pavement traction first because I believe this is the only area where I found the S/T MAXX to be, well, underwhelming. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. I say this after driving for over five years on softer remolded tires. The S/T MAXX’s cut and chip resistant tread compound, I believe, makes for a harder/stiffer tread which provides less grip than I am used to. This is not to say that I slid all over the highway while driving but did have to slow down while cornering on roads I have been driving for the last five years.  

Rating - 3 tires

Wet Pavement Traction

I was surprised when, after driving on dry pavement for a few weeks, we experienced our first monsoonal rainstorm. Much to my surprise the S/T MAXX performed beautifully. Even in a heavy downpour and standing water on the roadway, I experience little to know hydroplaning. I attribute this to the tire’s 4-5 rib tread pattern and the natural and silica rubber compound.  

Rating -  4 tires

Cooper ST MAXX Long Term Review

Off-Road Traction

Off-road traction is really where the S/T MAXX shines. Whether driving on dirt and gravel roads, sand, or muddy water crossings: this tire chews up the terrain. It is a far contrast from my experience on dry pavement. Without a doubt, these tires either find traction or they somehow make it. Even with open differentials, I have only struggled to find traction twice in the last year. The first was when I buried the 4Runner to the frame in snow and had to use our MAXTRAX to get out. The second was an off-camber corner where one back tire slid into a gully and I had to be pulled out.

Rating - 5 tires

Cooper ST MAXX Long Term Review

Winter Traction

As with my experience driving on dry pavement, I found the S/T MAXX to provide average traction during the winter. I believe the cut and chip resistant rubber tread compound limits the tire’s ability to find grip when driving on snow and ice. We experienced several weeks of sub-zero weather here in Central Wyoming and the cold weather only proved to cause the tread rubber to become even stiffer.  

Because I run these tires year-round I chose to not run studs in the tires.

Rating -  3 tires

Cooper ST MAXX Long Term Review

Ride Quality

After running a remolded copy of the Goodyear MT/R for over five years, I had forgotten what it was like to not hear the MT/R whine. It boggles my mind that the S/T MAXX are so quiet driving down the highway and interstate, considering the aggressive tread. All of our tires balanced beautifully with minimal counter weights which is a great test of build quality. Our four primary tires remained balanced until I installed the ARB internal TPMS kit, which forced a rebalance.  

Rating -  5 tires

Cooper ST MAXX Long Term Review

Tread & Tire Life 

As I mentioned earlier, we have driven just under 10,000 miles on this set of four Discoverer S/T MAXX tires. In that time, I have had the tires rotated three times and have experienced zero issues. A quick survey of our four primary tires revealed zero chipping or other tread damage. A quick measure showed that the tires have lost 3.5/32nds. If this wear rate stays consistent, we should easily see this set of tires lasting 45-50,000 miles before they would need to be replaced when the tread reaches a depth of 2/32in.

I am also pleased overall with how well the tire has lasted. The sidewalls, despite rubbing up against curbs, rocks, and tree roots, still look great and show no signs of damage.   I am also pleased overall with how well the tire has lasted. The sidewalls, despite rubbing up against curbs, rocks, and tree roots, still look great and show no signs of damage.   

Rating -  5 tires

Cooper ST MAXX Long Term Review


I came back to Cooper Tires thanks to you, our readers, and I am glad I listened to your request for this tire review. Despite my gripes with its dry and winter traction, I have really enjoyed driving on the Discoverer S/T MAXX tires. I would, without reservation, recommend this tire to anyone looking for an aggressive all-terrain tire that is capable of tackling demanding backcountry trails and doesn’t compromise a daily commute. This is not to say that the Discoverer S/T MAXX is the perfect tire. As with everything, there are tradeoffs. I believe the MAXX sacrifices some on-road performance in favor of off-road performance, and that is something I am okay with. 

Cooper ST MAXX Long Term Review

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