Tuffy Secure Console

Tuffy Secure Console

After installing and using a Tuffy Security Products console safe in my Toyota Tacoma, and running it for a couple of weeks; I am impressed with the overall product. 


Tuffy Secure Console Safe Insert for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Story and photos by Larry Farinelli

This is a must-have for any conceal carry firearms owner, or perhaps a business owner/manager who makes regular deposits or withdrawals at the bank. One great feature is that the unit retains the bottom carpet in the Tacoma's console for a factory style finish. 

The product design also allows you to retain access to the 12v socket factory mounted inside the console. This comes in handy for charging a phone, electronic device, or other items stored inside the console safe. You could also use that socket to wire a light inside the safe that will turn on and off with the vehicle ignition, if you wanted to customize a bit. 

The safe sits inside the console, which leaves room on top to store a phone or other items you may not want inside the safe. However this product is not a fully enclosed safe, which is why the price differs when compared to other brands, luckily the safe does an excellent job of keeping your valuables secure. The locking mechanism is strong and functions smoothly. The safe door is 16ga steel, feels solid and secure. Any safe can be defeated with enough time, however this product will stand its ground against any “smash and grab” type of incidents. 

Installation Steps

Installation of the console safe doesn’t take long and can be accomplished with basic tools. The hardware is imperial, but metric will work. It requires a 3/8 or 10mm socket, Phillips #2 screwdriver, and a 5/32 or 4mm Allen wrench for assembly. 

1) For installation, start by taking everything out of the packaging and verify you have all necessary and correct parts. Empty out the center console to do any cleaning prior to installation. Next, can start the assembly of the console safe. 

2) Bolt together the door opening mechanism, the screw torque will determine how hard/easy the door is to open. This will vary for each customer. 

3) Place the console safe inside the center console. Tipping the safe and sliding it back against the console door is the easiest way set it in. Just be sure to use caution as to not mar up the plastic of the trucks console or lid. 

4) Bolt together the legs and mounting brackets. I did this while the unit was inside the console and I left everything loose until it lined up and I was ready to mount. If not using an impact to tighten, it may be best to add a little thread lock to the threads. 

5) I bolted the left and right trim plates together. Getting them into position may be the trickiest part since this occurs inside a tight space. 

6) I tightened all the leg and mounting hardware and tested the functionality. It is as simple as that! 

If you're in the market for a vehicle safe, give Tuffy Security Products a tough look!

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Product Features

  • Integrated bump stops for a soft close.
  • Tuffy exclusive lid support feature that keeps the lid open while accessing contents.
  • Maintains full use of the factory armrest and lid.
  • Exclusive 10 tumbler double bitted lock with built in weather seals and convenient finger pull.
  • Featuring Pry-Guard locking system with 1/8” thick welded steel components.
  • Quick and easy install, no drilling.
  • Welded 16 Gauge steel construction.
  • Durable texture powder coat finish.

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