Toytec 3" Lift Upgrade

Toytec 3" Lift Upgrade

The 3” Toytec lift we installed for the April issue has been working perfectly. We've put almost 300 off road miles on the TRD with it, had it on through the FJ Summit with no problems at all. When we originally installed the kit we expected to be adding a new bumper within a few months, which would weigh the front end down a little to give the FJ the “rake” we like. Well, things don’t always go according to plan. We decided to black out the bumper wings and for now, it's working cosmetically so we're not in as big of a hurry to add the bumper & winch. This left us with a lift that was about 3/4" too high in the front (in our opinion).

I talked to Doug at Toytec Lifts about our options. As luck would have it, he was just putting together a new adjustable setup for TRD & TT FJ’s with Bilstein shocks. This new front lift is just what we needed! It allows us to lower the front about 3/4" to get the rake back, and when we add the bumper & winch, we’ll be able to adjust the front up to compensate for the added weight. The best part is, since our shocks work perfect (they’re the same shocks he includes in his full coilover assembly), this kit is a very cost effective option for our FJ.

The kit includes taller springs, a replacement coil seat that’s fully adjustable (from about 1” to 3” of lift), and sway bar relocation brackets. As we mentioned in the original lift install article, you will need a GOOD coil compressor. Many auto parts stores will rent you a compressor, or you can have a local install shop swap out your springs.

Install steps:

(NOTE: For more pics on installing a front lift, see the Toytec Lift Install in the April '08 issue of FJC Magazine)

1. Raise vehicle & remove front wheels

2. Remove front skid

3. Remove sway bar & set aside

4. Loosen the top three nuts on the first coilover

5. Remove the back two nuts, leave the front one on until you remove the bottom bolt

6. Remove the two lower ball joint bolts

7. Remove the lower shock bolt

8. Use a pry bar to push downward on the lower control arm and slide the old coilover out.

CAUTION: If you don't have a heavy duty spring compressor, we highly recommend taking your coilovers to an install shop to have the springs swapped out. Many auto parts stores also rent spring compressors.

9. Compress coil enough so that the shock rotates freely

10. Remove the top shock nut using pliers and a wrench. Note the order of washers and bushings for reassembly later.

11. Remove the shock from the coil through the bottom.

12. Carefully release the coil from the compressor

13. Remove the stock lower spring seat from the shock. Turn the shock upside down and gently tap all the way around until the seat comes loose.

TIP: Clean the shock REALLY well and use some type of penetrating oil to help loosen the seat. The dirt behind the seat is the only thing holding it on.

14. Assemble the new coilover by placing the new seat on the shock. Ensure the washers are placed between the stationary and moving parts of the new seat. Apply a small amount of oil to the washers to help them slide when adjusting the lift.

15. Compress the new coil enough to put the shock in and tighten the nut.

Use EXTREME caution: The new coils are larger and will be more difficult to compress.

16. Tighten top shock bolt to proper torque specifications.

17. Before uncompressing the coil, ensure that one of the top plate bolts lines up properly with the lower shock mount. If the alignment is off, you’ll need to recompress the spring to re-align.

18. Install the new coilover in the FJ, reversing the Front Disassembly instructions. Ensure all bolts are torqued to proper specifications. Follow the same procedures for the other side.

Installing the Sway Bar Relocator

19. The sway bar relocator uses the same size bolts as the sway bar, so use the original sway bar bolts to attach the adapter to the frame.

20 . Attach the sway bar to the adapter, bolt the swaybar to the to front suspension on each side

21. Install the wheels on the FJ and lower it to check for height. You may have to take the wheels back off if you need to adjust the height on one side, so don't install all the lug nuts.

22. Once both sides are where you want them, install both front wheels & torque the lugs to the proper specification.

After finishing the install & lowering the truck, I immediately noticed the truck had it's “rake” back. We’ve only had it off road once since, but it works just as great (maybe even a little better) than the original lift. The on-road handling is improved as well. If you own a TRD or TT, or already have the Bilstein shocks that Toyota sells, this will be a great front lift option for you.

Vendor: Toytec, phone: 303-255-4959