Canadian Club On The Rocks

Canadian Club On The Rocks

CT4WDIn Canada we are faced with similar issues as the US in our backcountry. One of the main issues is trail closures In correspondence from irresponsible Motorized vehicle usage. In 2009, Nathan Hayashi of Calgary, Alberta decided to start a Toyota specific 4WD association, which would provide Toyota owners a place to learn technique and explore the Canadian backcountry.

Aware of the issues surrounding motorized backcountry use, education on backcountry ethics became a top priority early on in Nathan’s ventures. To ensure proper trail ethics a Member of CT4WD must take specified educational courses in order to attend club trail runs to ensure everyone is on the same page no matter what the skill or knowledge level they previously had. Soon after the Association started to gain momentum, a CORE Team was created which consisted of Meghan Williams, David Wakely, Keith MacDaly, Chris Kukkonen and Etienne Marcotte. The CORE team is responsible for every aspect of CT4WD from it’s events, organized trail runs, courses, meetings, and now merchandise!

From CT4WD’s inception in 2009, it now is home to 302 Members and growing.  CT4WD provides well-planned courses with Bill Burke and other known instructors from renowned organizations like Tread Lightly’s Tread Trainers and Wilderness First Aid & CPR certified Trail Leaders.  It’s a matter of raising the bar in terms of breaking stereotypes of how people perceive 4WD owners.

There are a few guiding principals that CT4WD CORE Team and Members follow. First, always help each other regardless of experience, leave the ego at the door, strive to keep learning and become more responsible off road enthusiast.  Second, it’s a way of life that stems from the Kaizen Philosophy of continuous improvement. Change must come from the inside out in order to be effective in working with changing the perception of the pubic and land managers.  Now is the time to be an ethical and responsible 4WD owner.  

CT4WD also works closely with Toyota Dealerships to ensure new Toyota 4WD owner’s become educated on proper backcountry use, driving technique and recovery techniques. Although CT4WD hasn’t been around for very long, they are working to provide the amazing Toyota 4WD experience across Canada to help shape a positive future for motorized backcountry access for future generations to come. It is CT4WD’s mission to create responsible and ethical Toyota 4WD enthusiasts for life!

Tacoma Magazine would like to thank CT4WD for its efforts to ensure the future of Off Road adventures for many years to come.

Please visit their site for more information and watch this short video that was submitted to Toyota Canada for a contest for who is Toyota Canada’s number 1 fan.  

View the #1 Fan video | CT4WD YouTube Channel | CT4WD Vimeo Channel

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