URD Announces Less Expensive Y-Pipe

URD Announces Less Expensive Y-Pipe

We’ve been thinking about ways to increase power & mileage when off-road for a while now. Underdog Racing Development (URD) has offered a custom stainless steel Y-pipe for a while, but at $459, it was just a little to steep for us.

Well, we don’t have to wait anymore! Our friends over at URD have teamed up with Doug Thorley to produce a less expensive version of their Y-Pipe. Coming in at only $189, this product will now be affordable for many more FJ owners.

Please note that while this y-pipe will increase power & mileage, it is probably not legal for on-road use in all states. Do not use this product on-road without checking your local and/or state emissions laws.

Full details here.

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