Redline Land Cruisers announces new 4 Door FJ-40: FJ-UTE

Redline Land Cruisers announces new 4 Door FJ-40: FJ-UTE

UPDATED: See Below

Redline Land Cruisers from Colorado Springs has announced that they will begin production on custom 4-Door FJ-40 Land Cruiser bodies built on an 80 Series Land Cruiser chassis.


The all-new way of getting your entire family into a classic Land Cruiser will be a first for normal people. While the 4-Door model has been available from custom builder Icon in the past, Redline will be the first to offer this model for under $50k. Priced at $49,900 for their base model (which includes a donor 80 Series), the FJ-UTE offers passenger seating in the first, 2nd and optional 3rd row.


The blend of 'vintage and modern' that the FJ-UTE promises includes the entire suspension & drivetrain from the iconic 80 series Land Cruiser, while delivering the looks & performance of the original FJ-40 Land Cruiser. Each customized vehicle will include the all-new Dakota Digital cluster that include tacometer & a 0-60 speedometer, while the balance of the interior is retro-LC styled.

If you're into build your own truck, Redline will offer a complete FJ-UTE kit for just $14,999 which includes an unfinished aluminum body, four half doors, and rear barn doors. Additional options such as seats, soft-top, a lift kit, etc will also be available. Just bring your own 80-series and build a completely custom 4 Door FJ-40 Land Cruiser!

The first FJ-UTE is already in production (we'll try to get some photos ASAP) and will be unveiled this fall at SEMA 2014 in Las Vegas (we'll be there).

In the meantime, read the full press release or visit


UPDATE #1: Read aboout the FJ-UTE in our October 2014 Issue

UPDATE #2: Here's a quick interview I did with Justin from Red Line