100's in the Hills Black Bear Pass Rescue

100's in the Hills Black Bear Pass Rescue

The Toyota & Land Cruiser community never ceases to amaze me. Last weekend, during the 5th Annual 100's in the Hills event in the Ouray/Telluride area, members of that event were instrumental in effecting the rescue of a couple that rolled their RZR UTV on Black Bear Pass.

OutdoorX4 - 100's in the Hills - Black Bear Pass


Frank Ledwell, Publisher of OutdoorX4 recounted the entire event in a recent post on their site. I encourage you to read all the details there. Due to the sellfless and well executed actions of a few community members (including Stan Wright from OutdoorX4/Toyota Trails, our own Jonathan Harris, and Andrea Ledwell among others), the couple was rescued in a much more efficient manner.

I certainly hope that reports of the local Sheriff threatening to close one of the most epic passes in Colorado is nothing more than talk. It's clear that the off-road community can handle the very rare accident.

SOURCE: OutdoorX4