Lone Star Jamboree 2014

Lone Star Jamboree 2014

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Lone Star Jamboree 2014

Deep in the Pineywoods region of East Texas, the Dallas-based club known as the Toyota Trail Riders holds the annual Lone Star Toyota Jamboree at a large off-road park.  The Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area contains nearly 2,000 acres atop one of the tallest hills in the area. Scenic wooded trails are scattered across all sides of the hilltop, dipping into the connecting valleys. Trail difficulty levels range from easy, which are suitable for stock trucks, to the boulder-strewn playgrounds for crawlers.  


Lone Star Jamboree 2014 Tacoma and 4RunnerLone Star Jamboree 2014 FJ Cruiser Lone Star Jamboree 2014 4Runner Climbing

The May 2014 event was a hit with 180 trucks with 316 attendees.  Jamboree Chairman Chris Gray said, "The turnout for this year set a new record. We hope to break that record next year for the 10th anniversary." To help draw in the crowd, the Jamboree committee arranged for some impressive prizes:  roof-top tent, bumpers, portable fridge, skids, sliders, and LED lightbars. Lone Star Jamboree 2014 Group Photo

 One of the primary objectives at LSTJ is to introduce beginners to off-roading in a safe environment. Classes covering wheeling basics, safety, and recovery techniques were offered both Friday and Saturday. Sign-up sheets were provided with trail names and difficulty ratings for organized trail runs. Each trail run was led by experienced trail guides, who are required to be familiar with the trail for which they are leading, have a functioning CB radio, proper extraction equipment, and experience with spotting. Beginners were encouraged to participate in the daily run entitled Introduction to Barnwell Mountain & Beginner Guided Run. Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014


For Friday evening dining, a tasty Jambalaya dinner was served up by the Louisiana Land Krewsers.  The line of hungry off-roaders wrapped around the vendor tables, providing a meet-and-greet atmosphere with the many vendors. The dinner for Saturday night, sponsored by BaerTrax of Dallas, featured catered East Texas BBQ. Lone Star Jamboree 2014


The event competition on Saturday afternoon featured a timed obstacle course. Orange cones outlined a route containing small hills that presented clearance and off-camber challenges, while a final tight turn and a bumpy straight-away offered speed challenges. Confident drivers barreled through in an attempt to earn the best time while avoiding penalties for toppled cones. Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014


Many of the trails are ideal for night runs, giving drivers a chance to light up the night and test their trail feedback skills. Each night, the park lit up as convoys of well-lit trucks headed out to the trails. Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014


The event draws all walks of life and a diverse selection of Toyota trucks. Young and old drivers—the latter of which are usually chasing their youth by coming to this event—arrived with their sense of adventure.  The trucks seem to reflect varying design philosophies:  minimalists barely make mods and like to see what they can get away with on the trail, whereas gear junkies load up with mods in anticipation of encountering that perfect moment the gear provides value. Despite the differing ideas and interests on the specifics, everyone is bonded by the common adoration for Toyota trucks and the enjoyment of testing the trucks’ limits at Lone Star Toyota Jamboree.

Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014Lone Star Jamboree 2014

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