Bubba Rope Recovery

Bubba Rope Recovery

Bubba Rope FJ CruiserWe’ve covered the contents of a good recovery kit in the past: gloves, quality shackles, tree saver straps, winch controller, and recovery traps. Many manufacturers offer standard recovery kits that are a one size fits all, basic setup which is perfect for most situations. Let’s face it, most people just don’t get stuck all that often, right?

Well, when you do get stuck, hopefully you’re with a group (since we know it’s bad form to wheel alone – especially on difficult trails). Since stuck happens, you want to make sure you have great gear to keep the situation as stress free as possible. The kits we’ve seen don’t always come with a true dynamic snatch strap, one of the most important pieces of your kit.

Last year at SEMA Show as we were browsing the booths, we came across an oddly named, yet very interesting recovery strap option: Bubba Rope. Like other kinetic (dynamic) ropes, Bubba Ropes come in a variety of strengths: From ATV recovery ropes rated at 7,400lbs to the Extreme Bubba with a rating of 131,500lbs. Most users will go with the standard 4x4 size: 7/8” 20 foot rope rated at 28,600lbs. That rating is in the range for similar straps from other vendors, but it’s more than the rating that makes the Bubba Rope unique.

The dual-core rope is dipped in a polymetric base that soaks into the fibers of the rope, so the entire rope is protected to ensure years of hard use. Standard ropes and straps don’t have this level of protection, so many times they will wear out prematurely if used in dirty, sandy environments. Bubba Ropes can also include ‘Gatorize’, which is an extra-strong coating on the ends of the rope to help prevent wear from shackles and other hardware. Perhaps our favorite feature is the ability to get a Bubba Rope in a variety of colors. Blue is the standard color, but for $20 more you can get red, orange, yellow, green, or black colored ends.

We took a standard blue Bubba Rope with us on a recent trip to the mountains outside Denver, along with a Toyota T100 with open differentials. As luck would have it, there was a very narrow section of trail that the T100 just could squeak up, so we were able to get a little use out of the Bubba Rope. Of course we were able to yank the truck up the obstacle with no problem, and the Bubba Rope went back into it’s mesh duffle bag. It was certainly not the most exciting recovery ever, but I’m sure we’ll be stuck plenty in the near future so we can test it a little more.

At a retail price of $139.00, the Bubba Rope costs twice as much as standard options. With the added features other straps can’t touch, it seems like the cost can be justified. If you’re in an area with lots of snow, mud, or sand, the Bubba Rope could be an essential part of your gear. Use it, put it to the test, and let the added features prolong the life of your rope.

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