Ironman Foam Cell First Look

Ironman Foam Cell First Look

Ironman Foam Cell Pro

Ironman 4x4 has been touting their new Foam Cell Pro shocks for some time and Excop Offroad was the first in the US to get our hands on them to put them through their paces to see if they will live up to the hype.

The Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro shocks are designed to meet punishing demands of the outback while delivering a comfortable on-road ride.   Extensive research and development by the Ironman 4×4 team went in to making this new line the strongest shocks for the money. Instead of Nitrogen gas charged shocks, Ironman has replaced the Nitrogen with a foam cell product that is designed to provide a more consistent and predictive ride quality.

The Foam Cell Pro shocks are the largest offering in the Ironman portfolio. The shock bodies are 65mm in the front and 72mm in the rear. Convert those to US and we’re talking 2.5in+ diameter shocks. This means they more efficiently dissipate heat caused by suspension articulation and are big enough to cope with the stresses a 4×4 vehicle endures; on road or off road.

Even though these are 2.5s, you don’t necessarily need new upper control arms.  They are designed to work with your stock arms.  Only if you bump up to the optional Extended Travel coilover will you need to upgrade the upper control arms---which can be added to the package from Ironman. The coilovers are adjustable giving you the ability to go from stock height to 3in of lift and anywhere in between.

At Excop Offroad, we have extensively tested these shocks on an FJ Cruiser in the tough desert conditions around Las Vegas. The shocks performed flawlessly.  We even ran part of the Mint 400 track at high speeds and were met with a smooth---dare we say, comfortable ride. During our tests, there was no fading in dampening. The finale of our test was to jump the FJ.  Landing was soft and composed.  

On the street, we were surprised by the comfort of the ride. It was about as close to OEM as we could hope for. We tested the shocks both with and without the front sway bar.  Even with the swaybar removed there was little body roll in turns. Off road prowess and on-road manners make this suspension among the best bangs for your buck.

Pricing on a full kit for the FJ starts at $1,279.  That is a couple hundred higher than Ironman’s entry level Nitro-gas kit, but not nearly as much as comparable, adjustable 2.5 coilover kits from the competitors.

Ironman 4x4 clearly stands behind this product---offering a 3 year/60,000km(37,282mi) warranty. Combine the warranty with the fact that the shocks are rebuildable and the Foam Cell Pros will definitely have a long life under your truck.
Nothing we have tested before has shown to be a better dual purpose suspension system than the Ironman Foam Cell Pro.  FJ Cruiser kits are available now at

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