Aluminess Front Bumper Update

Aluminess Front Bumper Update

frontbumpertitleWe’ve been running the Aluminess FJ Cruiser front bumper for a little over six months now so we thought it was time to give an update on how it’s working out for us.

So far this bumper has exceeded our expectations. It’s light, strong, and holds up well to everything we’ve thrown at it. It didn’t take long after we installed the bumper to get a ding as well as a scuff. On a tight trail just outside Idaho Springs, CO we barely squeezed between two trees on a difficult climb, which resulted in the first scuff. Shortly after (on the same trail) we got bumped by a Jeep Wrangler that was in a bit of a hurry to get turned around. That left a small ding in the bumper that we still haven’t touched up. Since this bumper is made of aluminum, we don’t have to worry about rust. In fact, other than those two minor incidents, this bumper looks just as new as it did when we installed it.


For the October issue we had to remove the bumper to install the Smittybilt RC8 winch. The first time we installed the bumper it took about 3 hours (with three people). When I installed the winch, it was a solo project. I was able to use a floor jack to support the lightweight bumper and lower it down after all the bolts were removed. I left the bumper supported on the floor jack while the winch was installed, and simply lifted back up with the winch so it could be re-attached. That’s another great feature of such a light bumper, it’s easy to handle with just one person.DSC_0031

We installed the Eagle Eye Lights that were included with the bumper back in April, but didn’t get the wiring done until mid-July. The wiring went OK and we used the Tacoma fog light switch to keep the same look inside the FJ. Since the fog lights are low in the bumper, they’re the first thing that gets hit by any rocks or debris from the road. As a result both lights are cracked, although they still work OK.  We’ll be looking for a new set of 6” lights that have rock guards soon.

DSC_0028Overall the Aluminess Front Bumper for the Toyota FJ Cruiser has worked very well for us. We really like the fact that it weighs a scant 8lbs more than the stock plastic bumper (not including the winch), and the smooth powder coat finish holds up to the elements well and is easy to clean. We’ve had this bumper caked with mud, buried in dirt, and covered with ice & snow and haven’t had any issues. It’s as strong and great looking as the day we installed it, so we expect many years of service from this solid bumper.

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