Spring Event Preview

Spring Event Preview

Cruise Moab 2014This week is going to be very busy for many Toyota Cruiser, Truck, and SUV fans, as two major events kick off to start the Spring adventure season!

You know TCT Magazine has you covered =)

Jonathan Harris is leading the overnight Kokopelli Trail Run at Cruise Moab, and Bob Holliday will be on hand during the event to cover all the best Toyota Truck excitement.

Phillip Jones is heading to the 2014 Lone Star Jamboree and will bring back amazing photos and great storeis.

Cruise Moab 2014

Cruise Moab has been the premier TLCA event to kick off each year as long as we can remember. As the original Toyota Moab event, it's at the top of everyone's bucket list and one no Toyota enthusiast should miss.
The last few years CM has expanded to include overnight trips to the San Rafael Swell and along the Kokopelli trail. Our Land Cruiser Editor Jonathan will be leading the Kokopelli trip this year, and Bob will be covering the event in full. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for regular updates throughout the event.

Texas Lone Star Jamboree

If you hail from southern & central states, you've no doubt heard of the Lone Star Jamboree. Held at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area in Gilmer, TX, it's one of the largest events in Texas and is an exciting weekend every spring.

This year there are over 160 vehicles coming to the Jamboree (most of which are FJ Cruisers), and everyone attending is sure to have an amazing time. Our 4Runner editor Phillip will be covering the event this year, so if you see him be sure to say HI! We will update our Facebook page regularly throughout the event.

Lone Star Toyota Jamboree