200 Series Land Cruisers Labor Day Meetup

200 Series Land Cruisers Labor Day Meetup

After months of planning, a group of about 10 of us 200 series Landcruiser owners were set to meet up in Ouray Colorado, Labor day weekend to take on some of the well known trails of the area. We all connected through Ih8mud.com.

We had all agreed to meet up on Friday night for dinner and beers, Slee Offroad paid for the drinks and dinner! We decided the trails we would do the next day, Black Bear pass was decided as the first trail we would run. We met up at the crack of dawn the next day, 8 200, 1 100 series and a Toyota Tacoma.

The weather was cold with some rain when we hit Black Bear pass. The 200's were very impressive making thier way through Black Bear pass, 2 of the 200 series were completely stock other than over size tires. Some paint was lost on the front and rear bumpers but other than that no other damage was taken.

The cliff section of black bear pass was a bit sketchy, being wet and about 37 degrees I think added to the feeling. After tackling Black bear pass we rolled into Telluride with our Landcruiser convoy. We grabbed some over priced sandwiches regrouped and then set off to tackle Imogene Pass.

Imogene was maybe a bit more technical but at no point did I fear for my life as I had on Black Bear pass:) although the 200's dragged a bumper or two over the pass it showed it's true Landcruiser DNA as it walked through the obstacles etc. We rolled back into Ouray as the sun was setting for beers.

We will be back next year with our 200 series convoy to tackle more of the passes of Colorado...

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