Jonathan knocked it out of the park on this one.

He managed to get some great time-lapse shots of some of the booths, not as many as we would have liked but the show is only open for so many hours each day :)

Enjoy this stellar timelapse video!

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FJ 40 at 2013 CruiserFestTooele, UT is home to many things, but is perhaps the most famous for Miller Motorsports Park (MMP), and even more notable (among Toyota lovers) for the one-of-a-kind Land Cruiser Heritage Museum. Each year Cruiserheads converge upon this little corner of MMP for a few days of Land Cruiser worship.

It’s called CruiserFest.

Published in October 2013

Friday is usually a slower day, but Bob managed to get a few sweet shots before heading back to Colorado.

Of course our FULL coverage will be included in the January issue of TCT Magazine, and some great Tacoma coverage in the December issue of Tacoma Mag.

This is a SWEET Propane powered Tundra

  • IMG_0498
  • IMG_0498

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    Bob's second round of pics from Thursday, more new products & some AMAZING trucks (and cars)

    We LOVE the XO Taco!

  • SEMA-Thursday-130
  • SEMA-Thursday-130

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    It's new products day! We have tons of coverage coming in the January issue, but here's a taste of what Bob found today.....

    Toytec's BOSS Lift Kit

  • IMG_0829
  • IMG_0829

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    Ironman 4x4 wins 4 global media awards at SEMA 2013Ironman 4x4 has won 4 Global Media Awards at the 2013 SEMA Show.

    Their Bush Toilet, 50L Fridge, 9500 Monster Winch, and Tread were all recognized as great aftermarket products.

    Way to go Ironman!

    Ironman 4x4 Ice Cube fridge SEMA 2013

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    Bob sure got around plenty on Wednesday, here are a few more of his gems.

    Don's FJC at the Baja Designs Booth

  • untitled-137 copy
  • untitled-137 copy
    untitled-137 copy

    Published in SEMA 2013

    The guys got out a little more on Wednesday, here's what Jonthan sent over so far.

    While the Bully Dog Tundra is clearly a "SEMA Truck", it's pretty impressive

  • BD Tundra4
  • BD Tundra4
    BD Tundra4

    Published in SEMA 2013

    Expedition OverlandWouldn’t you like to take your love for the outdoors full-time as a career? I certainly would.

    There are literally hundreds of enthusiasts who’ve worked very hard to turn their passion into their job, and Clay Croft and the crew from Expedition Overland is one of the most inspiring examples I’ve seen. There has been fodder around the net about how XO is nothing more than some guys (and gals) trying to get people to pay for their adventures. While part of that statement is true, that’s certainly not the entire story. Expedition Overland is about inspiration, passion, learning, and most of all: the experiences that shape who we are as humans.

    What we know about this season of Expedition Overland going in is that it’s set to cover the teams 6 week expedition to Alaska and the Yukon Territory. We know it will consist of 12 episodes, and we know it launches today. The episode opens +5 weeks into their adventure, with Clays soon-to-be legendary voiceover describing what adventure means to different people.

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    Manley EXPLORE Trailer | October 2013 FJC MagazineBetween Tacoma Magazine and our trips, we’ve put over 4,000 miles on the MORV Explore this summer. It’s been to Moab twice, Ouray via some amazing trails (See September Tacoma Magazine), Arizona twice, and all over Colorado. Last week I pulled the trailer into the garage for a little autumn cleaning, and to think about what’s next for this beauty.
    After getting a substantial amount of gear out of the trailer, I noticed a few things:

    First, the outside of the trailer looks like it rolled off the showroom floor, except for a little rubbing on the panel facing the tongue. This came from about 2,100 miles of strapping a storage box to the front. The box held fine and served its function, but left a nasty bit of rash on the trailer. A little touch up pain & it’ll be just fine. A permanent tongue box will eliminate the need for a strapped down box.

    Published in October 2013
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