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The inaugural issue of Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine builds on the great foundation set by FJC Magazine & Tacoma Magazine to bring you the best Toyota Truck, Cruiser, and SUV coverage.download_now

The entire TCT Magazine Team of Editors, contributors, and creative staff have worked for months to bring this issue to the world. Inside the January 2014 Issue:

  • SEMA 2014 Coverage | Bob Holliday & Jonathan Harris
  • Project Snowflake from Redline Land Cruisers | Shane Williams
  • 2014 4Runner Test Drive | Phillip Jones
  • SEMA Rigs: Toytec's Taco & "The Rock"
  • Selecting an Overland Vehicle | Wes Craiglow
  • Powerfilm 60watt Solar Panel Review | Beau Johnston
  • Finding a Last Minute Campsite | Wes Craiglow
  • Choosing a Camp Stove (Part 1) | Beau Johnston
  • Building the Perfect Family Overlander | Jonathan Harris
  • [FRAMED]
  • GX-470 F.A.S.T. | Shane Williams
  • Getting Addicted | Bob Holliday
  • 4Runner Re-build Project (Part 1) | Phillip Jones
  • Trailer Upgrade Components | Shane Williams
  • Ham Radio & APRS Install | Tim Mitchell
  • The EPIC (Leg 3, Part 1) | Monte Nickles
  • Graduated 4Runner | Matt Hayward
  • Introducing CBI | Bob Holliday
  • New & Noteworthy
  • Join the TCT Trail Team!


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Published in Latest News

The holidays are just around the corner and with so much great gear on the market these days it’s hard to decide on what to get your special someone.  Beau & Krista from Living Overland traveled to the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City to meet with equipment manufacturers, talk to consumers, and bring you our picks for the very best gear for any outdoor or Toyota enthusiast.

Published in October 2013

Beau-KristaKrista is our Outdoor Life Editor and co-publisher of LivingOverland.com.

She's an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys exploring our National Parks, fly fishing, camping, rock hounding, and hunting.   She lives in Wyoming where she is minutes away from the great outdoors.  Beau and her love to cook; share meals and a glass of wine with friends and family at home or on the trail.  She is passionate about travel, the outdoors, and the outdoor lifestyle.

See everything Beau & Krista are doing at LivingOverland.com

Published in TCT Magazine Team

TCT Magazine Outdoor LifeLike most Toyota Cruiser & Truck owners, you probably started exploring these amazing vehicles because you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Whether your love is camping, cooking, skiing, or wheeling, our Outdoor Life section is all about how to make everything you to with your vehicle better. From gear & gadgets to recipes, organization, and best practices, the TCT Magazine Outdoor Life section has you covered.

Published in Features

Trekpak Kitchen - FJC MagazineWe often find ourselves pulling into camp late at night, or pulling to the side of the road, needing to make dinner. We built our drawer system specifically for this task, providing storage for our stove and cooking equipment. While the setup has worked well over the years, it was disorganized and we often found ourselves pulling multiple items out to find the item we needed. Our cooking arrangement was chaos and we needed to make a change.

Seeing our lack of organization, TrekPak offered to step in and help get our kitchen drawer organized. After starting in 2012, the Denver based company has developed a line of customizable inserts for hard-sided cases, photography backpacks, and is now branching into the world of overland travel by providing custom drawer inserts. Their design utilizes a foam padded insert that can be cut and pinned into a limitless number or organization solutions.

Published in July 2013

AT Overland Heater BuildYou may have seen some of our livestream of the build we accomplished last weeked. I’ve been told that the audio was sub-par so please accept my apologies for that. This build went pretty much as expected and I can’t wait to try out the heater later this summer and into the fall, I really think it will make a huge difference (especially for the little explorers) in the CVT RTT on our Manley Trailer.

At $1231 directly from Adventure Trailers, this kit saves you $550 over the fully assembled Hot Box portable heater. If you have a little skill with hand tools, are comfortable with a little electrical and propane gas work, and have about 4:15(ish) to complete the build, this may be the perfect kit for you. Plus by saving that kind of dough you’ll be able to buy printed copies of FJC Magazine for the next 13.75 years ;)

Published in July 2013

Shane Williams - Toyota Cruisers & Trucks PublisherI've been an outdoor enthusiast and avid backroad driver for over 20 years.

I began by exploring Michigan’s northern forest roads as a teenager, which led to my first Jeep Cherokee when I moved to Colorado Springs in the 90's.
I saw the light in 2007 when my wife Angie & I bought our first FJ Cruiser and began exploring Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. We started FJC Magazine in 2008 as a 'healthy way for me to deal with my addiction', followed by Tacoma Magazine in 2011.

Today we're excited to bring our son Brenden and baby girl Alana on as many adventures as possible, and we can't wait to see what the future of TCT Magazine brings.

Published in TCT Magazine Team
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