SEMA Show 2017 - Part 2

SEMA Show 2017 - Part 2

Both inside and out, we been seeing some impressive builds and great new product at this year’s SEMA Show.  Big, small, new and old these builds can give even a seasoned SEMA attendee some serious whiplash!

The FJ Company had some great builds on display this year with two inside and at least one more outside.  

SEMA Show 2017 Part 2 Patriot Campers

Patriot Campers had some impressive trailers on display both in their booth as well as scattered around the show in a variety of other exhibitions.  This version had nearly all of the options including the kitchen sink.

SEMA Show 2017 Part 2 Trailside Pizza

Trailside Pizza anyone?  Claiming 30 minutes or less…tempting to push their limits and get a free pizza!

SEMA Show 2017 Part 2 Westin Automotive

Westin Automotive continues to expand their product line for the Toyota Tacoma showing off many of their products on this fun looking 3rd Gen.

SEMA Show 2017 Part 2 ARB Tundra Bumper

ARB brought out some great products for the Toyota Tundra line including their new front winch bumper as well as bringing the BP-51 suspension line to the Tundra marketplace.

SEMA Show 2017 Part 2 Shadowrunner Taco

The Shadowrunner Taco was on display outside of the South Hall showing off an incredible build ready to tackle any adventure.

SEMA Show 2017 Part 2 FOX Shocks Tundra #runfox

Fox had a great looking Camburg built Tundra on display outside with an impressive bed rack with countless mounting accessories.

SEMA Show 2017 Part 2 KMC Wheels

37s on a 3rd Gen?  Hell yea!  Utilizing a BDS Suspension lift, they were able to shove some large tires under this rig that really catches your eye.

SEMA Show 2017 Part 2 4wd Mustang

Yes that is a 4wd Mustang!  This might be my favorite car in the show so far!

SEMA Show 2017 Part 2 Toyota Vehicle Display

Although Toyota USA did not bring any off-road rigs to their booth this year, there was a strong Toyota presence out back this year.  

Always nice when they stack a few together as they did with the Tundra, 100-series and 4Runner.