Dennis got this great shot of the prototype FJC Trail Teams Ultimate Edition during his photo shoot.

 2014 Trail Teams FJ Cruiser Wallpaper

Click to get the full-resolution wallpaper.

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Mormon Lake Arizona Overland Expo Toyota Magazine

Jonathan, Colter, and Beau have wrapped up an amazing event down at Mormon Lake, Arizona.

Here are a few teasers from Jonathan to get you ready for exploring!

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Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreFJ Cruiser LED Headlight Projector Upgrade | TCT MagazineOur 2007 TRD SE FJ Cruiser will turn 100,000 miles any day now, and it’s served us very well for hundreds of adventures. Although we installed a dual-battery system in 2012, we’re still working on lighting upgrades as part of the Extreme Makeover: FJC project we started last year. For our latest project we decided to replace our headlights, side lights, and tail lights with upgraded versions.
ANZO USA now makes LED lights for the rear and side markers, as well as a projector headlight with halo in a fully OEM-compatible package. The housing for all three components is nearly identical to the OEM hardware, so we’re sure the quality will be amazing. What’s great about the LEDs is that we’ll never have to worry about changing bulbs again.
Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreChasing the Music: Kokopelli Trail | April 2014 TCT Magazine
Photographs by Stan Wright and Jonathan Harrisdownload_now

Kokopelli Trail Trip Report | April 2014 TCT Magazine

I never really considered myself to be an impulse decision maker. I’m as spontaneous as the next guy I suppose, but I’m also a responsible husband and father. Every decision I make affects my family. So when registration opened up for Cruise Moab 2013, I did what any responsible father and husband would do. I signed up without consulting my wife at all. Surely she would understand, right? In my responsible, think of others first mentality, I also signed on for the 3-Day Kokopelli Trail expedition prior to the start of Cruise Moab. Once I reached the “pay now” portion of registration, I paused.  I called my wife and explained how epic this trip was going to be. Would she mind staying home with the kids while I traveled the back country of Colorado and Utah?  “I’ll only be gone for 5 or 6 days” I said sheepishly. “What about us?”, she asked. I promised her that next year we’d do Moab as a family. Complete with comfortable accommodations, indoor plumbing and hot showers. This year however, I need to get away on my own. It's important for a man to venture out into the wild on occasion and  it’s refreshing to know such places still exist in this country. But was I prepared? Was my vehicle ready? This isn’t a trip to the store. It’s 150+ miles of backcountry expedition travel. It was time to take a hard look at what I needed.

Jonathan & Bob are working Cruise Moab this week, and have started sending in some great shots of the event. Plenty more to come soon!

Kokopelli Overnight Run

Kokopelli Cruise Moab 2014

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Found this on the FJC Club of Australia FB Page, an awesome video from the FJCC 2014 National Summit. It was posted on the forums by Pleiades

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Cruise Moab 2014This week is going to be very busy for many Toyota Cruiser, Truck, and SUV fans, as two major events kick off to start the Spring adventure season!

You know TCT Magazine has you covered =)

Jonathan Harris is leading the overnight Kokopelli Trail Run at Cruise Moab, and Bob Holliday will be on hand during the event to cover all the best Toyota Truck excitement.

Phillip Jones is heading to the 2014 Lone Star Jamboree and will bring back amazing photos and great storeis.

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April 2014 TCT Magazine 2014 FJC Trail Teams Ultimate EditionGet Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App Store

It's spring in North America. and we're ready for the adventure season to begin!

Our April issue is out, and as usual it's jam packed with amazing Toyota Land Cruiser, Truck, and SUV coverage. Our editors have once again done an amazing job at bringing the best news, information, and reviews to our pages. So don't wait, download your copy now!

The brand new TCT Magazine iPad app really is the best way to enjoy our publication, and at only $9.99 for a 1 year subscription, it's the best deal going. If you haven't seen the app, get it now. It's free and we have a free preview issue you can check out as well.download_now

Here's what you'll find in the April issue:

  • 2014 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition Test Drive | Dennis Lloyd (
  • Kokopelli Trail Run from Cruise Moab 2013 | Stan Wright
  • 2014 Lone Star Roundup Coverage | Perry Lowery
  • CBI Bumper Install | Bob Holliday
  • Father & Son 4Runner Build, Part 2 | Phillip Jones
  • LabRak for the 100 Series Land Cruiser | Adam Aceino
  • Keeping Your Cooler COLD | Beau & Krista Johnston
  • [FRAMED] X 4: Canada Snow Run | Texas Observatory | Grand Valley, CO | Holy Cross Trail
  • Choosing a Stove: Fuel types | Beau & Krista Johnston
  • Monte's EPIC Finale | Monte Nickles
  • 4Runner DIY Shovel Mount | Phillip Jones
  • FJC Lighting Upgrade | Shane Williams
  • TJM Locker & Nitro Gear Install | Josh Lassiter
  • Introducing SCS Wheels | Eric McKercher
  • "Santoshi" Classic Grille | Matt Hayward
  • The Final Word | Clay Croft (Expedition Overland)
  • New & Noteworthy
  • Your Rigs!
  • Join the TCT Trail Team!


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Since registration for FJ Summit #8 starts in 10 days, for Wallpaper Wednesday this week we found a great shot from the 2011 FJ Summit.

This trail is not an official trail and is not advertised on many sites, but Box Factory Park may be one of the most scenic spots in the country. It's definitely worth a side-trip :)

Click the image for the full resolution photo

FJ Summit Box Factory Park Ridgway Ouray Telluride Colorado | TCT Magazine

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3DRobotics IRIS Quadcopter

iris feature

We’ve been looking at quad copters for a few years to help with our unique video capture requirements. Until very recently they’ve been expensive, very challenging to build, and not user friendly. In the last year a few options have come to market that promise ease of use and a low entry level cost, and the IRIS from 3DRobotics is one of them.

This Quad comes fully assembled and ready to fly, so you just add your compatible GoPro camera and you’re off & flying. They also have kits that include a GoPro Hero 3 and fully articulating gimble to give you the best video shots possible.

The absolute best feature of the IRIS though is it’s auto-pilot functions, specifically the Follow Me feature. When paired with a compatible transmitter, the IRIS will follow you (more importantly your vehicle) at a desired altitude and distance automatically. No flying needed! While the 15 minute estimated flight time isn’t perfect, we see a big future for quads like this in the off-road video world.


ArkpakArkPak Battery Box
If you’re interested in a battery power solution for your Toyota Cruiser, Truck, or SUV, or a solution for emergency or trailer use, the Australian made ARKPak Battery Box has finally hit the US shores!
The ArkPak is a 12V battery charger, a portable power source, a battery management system, a jump-starter and a dual battery system all rolled into one. It delivers both 12V and 120V power via a built in 150 watt inverter and 6 amp battery charger. Depending on the battery you add to the system, you can get up to 3 days of 120V power or 7 days of 12V power (depending on usage of course).
Simply add the battery of your choice (the higher capacity the better) and a suitable charging solution and you’re good to go. The system can be charged from your vehicle, from a 12V home charger, or via solar panels. We’re looking at using an ArkPak based system to build an emergency solar generator for under $1000. It’s normally priced over $500 for a kit that includes the ArkPak, a 12V DC Charger, and mounting bracket, but ArkPak USA has discounted it to $399 for the time being.
We contacted ArkPak about this article and they even offered our readers a special deal: use the code TCT5014 to save $50 off the price. Here’s the catch: that code is only good from Jan 6th through the 14th, so if you want one now is the time to get going!


spod-fjcFJ Cruiser sPOD
FINALLY! The sPOD is available in an FJ Cruiser flavor!
We saw the prototype of this perfect little switch and relay system during CruiserFest last September, and it really fills a need! In addition to their award winning super-easy-to-wire sPOD fuse block, the FJ Cruiser version is available with a fully plug & play switch bank for up to 6 switches.

If you’d rather use the stock FJ switch block, simply wire the sPOD to your switches. There’s also a 2nd Gen Tacoma version available as well. Other Toyota options are currently in the works.


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