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Review: Wavian Jerry Can

Written by  Phillip Jones
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Wavian Jerry Can Wavian Jerry Can

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While attending SEMA 2015, I stumbled across the Wavian booth and was immediately captivated by this product. I’ve heard the stories of people discovering rust inside their fuel can, or dust finding a way into the fuel. With a can cut open, the Wavian representative explained how the inside lining with fuel resistant Rezol enamel not only prevents rust, but if the can gets dented, the internal lining doesn’t crack.


Another brilliant feature is the leak-proof bayonet closure, complete with locking pin and strengthened hinge on the cap to prevent accidental bending when closing. Furthermore, the capis designed to hold open when pouring fuel. Pop open the cap, look inside and notice an internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring. When the cap is closed, a thick rubber gasket provides a seal of protection when clamped down.

Mounted in my rear bumper fuel carrier, I took this can on 3 off-road adventures for approximately 300 dusty miles. I opened the can after the last adventure and noticed there was no dirt inside the spout.

The included safety spout attaches in similar fashion to the can via the clamping mechanism. Since most unleaded fuel vehicles have a smaller opening, Wavian includes an adapter. I found this adapter to be beneficial in that it put more space between the vehicle and the can, thus providing more room to rotate the can while pouring fuel to get that last drop. This platform is truly spill-proof. For added convenience, Wavian placed usage instructions on the can.

The safety spout and adapter must be transported separately from the can. This may seem like an inconvenience, but it is minimal compare to the advantage of not having to smell like gasoline due to a leak from a lower quality spout, or having to replace spark plugs because dirt affected the fuel.

Facts regarding Wavian and the product:

-Wavian has been manufacturing these cans for various NATO militaries for over 80 years.

-Original Mil Spec. EPA, CARB and DOT approved.  

-Complies with: Australian Standard AS 2906, German Standard–TUV/GS, Swedish Standard-SP

-Manufactured from 0.9mm Cold Rolled Steel.  

-Dual pan construction. 

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