TVOTW: Outlaw Xpeditions Oregon Trail

TVOTW: Outlaw Xpeditions Oregon Trail

You remember Oregon Trail, right? The video game you used to play in school, well I certainly do.

For many, stories of the Oregon Trail have fueled our desire for adventure. Well, now you can follow that adventure in a new Overland series from Outlaw Xpeditions


In the last month, Outlaw Xpeditions Overland have started releasing their full Oregon Trail Expedition series.

The group has previously published a series of preparation videos, but now the full adventure (tracing the Oregon Trail in reverse from Oregon -> Missouri) is ready for your viewing pleasure!

All the new episodes will come out on their YouTube Channel (every 2 weeks), and we'll include them here for easy reference.


One Lane Road - Episode 15: We Will Be Free

One Lane Road - Episode 16: Sunsets and Sorrow

One Lane Road - Episode 17: Over Equipped and Under Prepared