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September 2012 | Volume 2 | Issue 2

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Tacoma Magazine September 2012We’re excited for the September issue of Tacoma Magazine, this is our best yet, not to mention the largest.  We have a photo shoot from the FJ Summit, tires & wheels from Discount Tire Direct, discussion of Overland Taco building, coverage of the 2012 Colorado Toyota Jamboree, Ricochet Skid Install, and a very special 2003 Pre-Runner build.

Other Articles:
Buying a Tacoma
MotionX GPS For Trail Navigation

We hope you enjoy this issue, and thank you for supporting Tacoma Magazine!  We can’t wait to see you on your trails!

Until next time: Tread Lightly, Stay the Trail, and Have Fun!

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Tires & Wheels

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Discount Tire & WheelsGrowing up in a family of mechanics, I always dealt with the local parts houses and tire shops to take care of my wheel and tire needs.  Today is definitely a different time with the way people do their major purchases.  You can still have that relationship with your local dealers but it’s getting harder and harder to find.

We were contacted by Discount Tire Direct to try them out for a new kind of experience.  They have the same lines of wheels and tires that their more well known sister company “Discount Tire” has.

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MotionX GPS HD for Trail Navigation

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Motion X GPS HDWhen the iPad first launched, I was amazed by the guys over at SoundMan Audio in California. Within a day they had installed an iPad into a Tacoma and from that point on I knew trail navigation would soon change forever. Although my daily driver & current trail truck is an FJ Cruiser, trail navigation is the same regardless of vehicle, so allow me to praise my current favorite app for keeping me from getting lost.

First though, a little history.


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2012 CO Toyota Jamboree

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CO Toyota JambroeeAs the summers roll on, off-road enthusiasts have many options to attend one of the many events held around the nation.  Colorado has a variety of terrain that keeps people coming back year after year to push the limits of their vehicles and themselves. The endless scenic views also help to fill photo collections and easily put our state up there with Rubicon and Moab.  One of the events to check out in Colorado is the Colorado Toyota Jamboree that has been known to offer challenging yet scenic trails and a wide assortment of rigs, which has made the event a high priority for many off-road enthusiasts.


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Ricochet Skid Install

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Ricochet Skid Installation on Toyota TacomaI was looking for a heavy duty, better looking, and lighter weight solution in skid plates and Ricochet has what I was looking for!  A heavy duty one piece front skid (bash plate and engine skid plate combined) made from ¼” 5052-h32 aluminum along with the control arm guards made from 3/16” aluminum is what we went with.

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Buying a Tacoma

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2005 Tacoma at dealerTalk about the pursuit of what we love!  Trying to find the Tacoma of your dreams is not an easy task, to say the least.

Shane and I have been talking about me taking over as Managing Editor of Tacoma Magazine for quite a while.  The minute we started discussing this I began the search for my own Taco, I mean, how can you be a managing editor without a truck?

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FJ Summit: Photo Shoot!

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TRD BAJA Photo ShootWe went along as the support/photography crew this year with the folks from FJC Magazine. Talk about an amazing event, there were Toyota’s everywhere!  The scenery in and around Ouray was as spectacular as the vehicles.  From old school FJs, new FJs, Land Cruisers, 4Runners, to several Tacomas, virtually all types of Toyota 4x4’s were represented.  We also got to check out what’s new with some of the aftermarket manufacturers that showed their Toyota love.

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