Ricochet Skid Install

Ricochet Skid Install

Ricochet Skid Installation on Toyota TacomaI was looking for a heavy duty, better looking, and lighter weight solution in skid plates and Ricochet has what I was looking for!  A heavy duty one piece front skid (bash plate and engine skid plate combined) made from ¼” 5052-h32 aluminum along with the control arm guards made from 3/16” aluminum is what we went with.

The directions were straight forward and easy to follow.

Step one: remove the factory skids.

Step two: retap some of the holes

Step three: set the floor jack and skid into place

Step four: install the bolts and washers

Step five: tighten

Additional steps to install lower control arm skids:
Step one: hold the plate in place

Step two: affix the bolt assemblies

Step three: tighten

Done (the last step includes drinking a beer, but that’s optional for some)

With all of the mounting hardware included, bolt holes being preset, and using a floor jack to hold the skid up and in place made the install fairly easy.

The lighter weight aluminum was much easier to work with than heavy steel.


Using a floor jack (or a helper) to hold the skid up made starting the bolts so easy . . .



The LCA Skids were so easy to install I couldn’t believe it.  Three bolts and done . . .



So far we have done some serious testing.  Bangin rocks just about every weekend and all I have found so far are a few scratches.  And these scratches are only superficial.


If there is a fault that I could have found to this point there is only one.  The bolt holes on the front part of the skid could be just a little more forgiving.  We did need a pry bar to force the plate over ¼” and a drill to widen the hole just a touch so we could start the last bolt.  Otherwise this had to be the easiest install I have ever done.


As far as the look, you tell us . . .


I think they look great and I know they are working great!


Down the road I plan on continuing the underbody protection with skids to protect the rear diff, the transfer case, and the fuel tank.

More Photos!

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