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The larger-than-life 7-inch HD screen of the TRX7 GPS Navigator may seem burdensome, especially compared with rival units that typically hover in the 5-inch realm of screen size. The overall dimensions of the device are 8.5” x 5.25”. This takes up a serious amount of real estate space when attached to the windshield. Start driving on a trail while the new TRX7 is displaying the route, and the seemingly inconvenient size is soon replaced by the easy-to-see screen. The included heavy duty RAM mount securely holds the TRX7 as the vehicle bounces down the trail.

Magellan TRX7

I had the opportunity to use the device on two separate off-road trips. For an overland trip across NM and AZ en route to Overland Expo, I accessed the Magellan eXplorist TRX website for route planning, and stored the routes on the device. For the Big Bend National Park trip, I recorded trail routes.

Functionality and features:

-Web browser with tabs
-Email -Contacts storage
-File Manager
-Music player and storage, complete with organizer
-Calendar -Sound recorder
-Ability to toggle open screens
-Rugged design
-Searchable OHV trails database
-Social media connectivity for sharing travels
-Off trail warnings and return-to-start safety features
-Preloaded with 44,000 designated OHV trails from forest and public lands
-High-res 3D terrain view and 2D topo view with contour lines display U.S./CAN land features

From a visual usability perspective, the map contrast and color schemes surpass other navigation systems and apps. The helpful geography texture really stands out. The layout of the map and route details in a split screen mode is quite useful.

Magellan TRX7

Magellan TRX7

For planning routes, using the Magellan eXplorist website,, was easy to figure out. Upon completion of route planning, syncing the device over wifi loads the maps onto the device. Already have a GPS file you want to load? Just upload the GPX or KML file to the website, then sync the device.

Magellan TRX7

Crowdsourced route submissions will expand the trail database over time. The data set is still young, but with the recent release of the tablet/smartphone app, the database should grow exponentially as app adoption increases.

Magellan TRX7

Several options are available for making updates to routes: mark observations using audio, photos, or waypoints; record track conditions and difficulty ratings. Achievements can be earned for recording off-road miles, visiting locations, and hitting certain OHV trails.

Magellan TRX7

I usually navigate with a Garmin Nuvi 50LM mounted to the windshield and a full-sized iPad held by a floor-mounted RAM mount, placing the iPad just above the shifter. The tablet-like functionality of the TRX7 certainly separates it from the Nuvi. The question is, does the TRX7 replace the iPad? The TRX7 large screen and ease of touchscreen usage are what I deemed most helpful. However, with a limited storage of 13GB, this device is barely a tablet. Now that the Magellan TRX app, complete with access to the Magellan database, is available for tablets, the TRX7 may not fill a void for the off-roader who prefers a device with more functionality, map app options, and LTE data connectivity.

For the off-roader who is content with wifi-only and requires a serious navigation system with limited tablet-like functionality, rugged construction, and the ability to plan and record routes, the TRX7 will suffice. With the ability to notate route details and difficulty ratings, incorporate GPS files, and enjoy a large screen, the TRX7 rates higher than the other dedicated navigation systems available. No other device on the market today is OHV oriented like the TRX7.

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