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Colorado Mod Day Gets It Done

Written by  Jeff Blackwell
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Colorado Mod Day - Tacoma MagazineSpring has finally arrived in Colorado, well the Denver area at least. With everyone antsy to get back on the trail it seemed proper to call together a “Mod Day”. On the first weekend in April about 12 trucks came together to “Do Work”. The weather was perfect, I got sunburn, and the mods were coming together like we were all seasoned veterans though there were a couple people who were new to the world of Tacoma’s you would have never noticed.



The main coarse for the day would be a complete Toytec lift installed on a 07 Double Cab Off Road. There was also a CB install and numerous other smaller modifications and maintenance items to get things in check for our first trail run of the year. A big thanks goes out to Chris (Slapps74) for his hospitality and great garage.

The trail run on the following weekend was great! The snow was clearing from the trails in the Idaho Springs area and the scenery was beautiful. While the first two trails we ran were more of a dirt logging road type trail (Oh-My-God Road and Russell Gulch), the third trail of the day (Pickle Gulch) would certainly bring more challenges. SNOW! There were many spurs off of Oh-My-God Road and Russell Gulch to play on but the area we had the most fun in was a section of Pickle Gulch that had a snow drift about 2 feet deep. Bob, in his OME lifted 06 Off Road, busted the first tracks through the big drift. This would be the end of our day as only three of the six vehicles were equipped to make it through. But, the day didn’t completely end, time for some target shooting; An AK-47 was the weapon of choice. Damn, that was a fun day! Hopefully the next Colorado trail day will bring less snow and more fun challenges.

Tacoma Magazine would like to know what’s going on in your area! Feel free to send us pictures with a little something written to describe about the day you had on your trail ride or local club day.

More Photos!

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