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BajaRack FJ Rack reviewed on

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The newest rack for the FJ Cruiser, the BajaRack, has been reviewed over at They remark on how solid it is and how it’s  much more affordable than most other FJ aftermarket rack options. The full story is here.

BajaRack for the FJ Cruiser

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Diesel in your FJ Cruiser?

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If high gas prices and your FJ’s mileage has you concerned, you will soon have another option. Diesel Toyz   posted information on their website today about a forthcoming CRD conversion kit for FJ Cruisers and 2005+ Tacomas. Their kits are due out sometime in 2008, and will contain everything you need to swap a RA428 CRD into your FJ. The RA428 is the 2.8 liter, 16 valve DOHC 4-Cylinder diesel engine that was used in Jeep Liberty’s from 2005-2006. The price for the kit has not been released, but Diesel Toyz did mention that you’ll need to find your own engine. Read more here .
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FJ Cruiser Barely Makes the Top 20

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The blog reports that according to SEMA, the FJ Cruiser ranked 19th in sales over the last two years. This may be good news to some FJ owners, but we’re a little disappointed. We think that as the FJ continues to gain popularity, the variety and quality of aftermarket support will continue to improve.

Another interesting statistic from the article is where most owners spend their aftermarket dollars. Trucktrend states that over half of those surveyed spent at least some money on mods. Larger tires came in number one, with air filters and exhaust not far behind. It looks like most of us are trying to keep our MPG’s as high as possible. Other popular mods include wheels, suspension upgrades, oil & lube, hitches, and of course cleaning supplies.

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FJ Information Galore!

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FJ Information Galore!

In addition to the new FJ Wiki ( that is currently being built (please be patient, wiki’s take a while to grow), there are dozens of forums, clubs, and websites full of FJ Cruiser information.

We spent this morning trolling the Google search results to find good sources of information. We also were able to compile a pretty good list of RSS links to some of the larger forums out there. Hopefully you’ll find this information useful and time saving, we certainly do!
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All-Pro / Currie Rock Jock Dana 60

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All-Pro Off-Road just announced a replacement rear-end for the FJ Cruiser. This Dana 60 setup upgrades your rear end from the OEM 8” to 9.5”, providing extra strength. According to All-Pro, it also increases clearance under the driveshaft, and does not result in a loss of ground clearance at all. For those looking to really beef up their FJ, this may be a great option (although a SFA may be a better first step). The setup is not cheap at $2200 ($3500 for your choice of gears & an ARB locker), but it’ll certainly help you bullet-proof your FJ. Full details here.
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FJ Cruiser Places in the 2008 Baja 500

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Team Necessary took third place in the Stock Mini class of the 2008 Baja 500. This is Team Necessary's first top 3 finish in a SCORE event. You may remember Kevin & his team from Two Roads to Baja, and Two Roads to Taupo. A relatively newcomer in the worls of off road racing, Team Necessary has proven that determination, perservearance, and skill all pay off. Congrats to Kevin & the entire team on this great event!

Full Story at the SCORE website, or here

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BajaRack Releases Rack for the FJ Cruiser

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BajaRack Adventure Equipment recently released a bolt-on roof rack for the FJ Cruiser. The FJ BajaRack is the least expensive option on the market, priced at just $540. The rack holds at least 150lbs of your gear. Many manufacturers are reluctant to ‘officially’ quote more than the stock 150lbs, but our guess is that this rack could hold more). Standard accessories such as shovel/axe mounts and Hi-Lift mounts are available.

Visit for more details.
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'09 FJ Cruiser Details Announced

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Toyota announced a few details about the 2009 FJ Cruiser today. We don't get red or green truck just yet, but there are some cool things coming.

We really like the VSC cutoff switch, active driver & front passenger headrests, map light, and roll-sensing side airbags. Toyota did announce three new colors: non-metallic black, silver, and white. While this may make the '08 TT Edition less 'special', hopefully it'll allow the rest of us to buy black mirrors and bezels.

The base price for the 4x4 FJ will rise to $24,910, still a great deal for such a capable vehicle. We can only hope for a red or green '09 special edition at this point. The new FJ's should be arriving sometime after August 25th, so look for a first-look in our October issue of FJC Magazine.

The full press release can be found on Reuters .

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URD Announces Less Expensive Y-Pipe

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We’ve been thinking about ways to increase power & mileage when off-road for a while now. Underdog Racing Development (URD) has offered a custom stainless steel Y-pipe for a while, but at $459, it was just a little to steep for us.

Well, we don’t have to wait anymore! Our friends over at URD have teamed up with Doug Thorley to produce a less expensive version of their Y-Pipe. Coming in at only $189, this product will now be affordable for many more FJ owners.

Please note that while this y-pipe will increase power & mileage, it is probably not legal for on-road use in all states. Do not use this product on-road without checking your local and/or state emissions laws.

Full details here.

The FJ Cruiser has been ranked as the #1 vehicle in the Compact Multi Activity Vehicle (MAV) category in the 2008 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study by JD Power & Associates. The FJ Cruiser ranked highest in five categories: vehicle exterior, seats (tied w/the Mazda CX-7), climate control, driving dynamics, and engine/transmission. The FJ also ranked above average in the vehicle interior, storage/space, and electronics (audio/navigation) categories. As can be expected, the FJ ranked below average for visibility/driving safety and fuel economy.

This is good news for FJ Cruiser owners & enthusiasts. It is unlikely that Toyota will think about discontinuing the FJ any time soon as some rumors have stated. Still, with gas prices continuing to climb, we’re really hoping the FJ is on the list to get a small diesel and/or hybrid technology in the near future.

The full report is available on the JD Power & Associates website.
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