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FJ Cruiser Forum Websites: You have options

Written by Shane Williams

fjc_commWhen it comes to online communities for the FJ Cruiser, there are plenty of options for you to check out. Forums and other communities are great places to learn more about your truck, find out information about modification options and learn how do to those mods, and read reviews and installation instructions written by true enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for information on all the FJ Cruiser Bumper options, looking for the best tire for a daily driver, or just want to find nearby FJC enthusiasts, nothing conects you with others like FJ forums & other communities.

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FJC Colors 2007-2013

Written by Shane Williams

Prompted by this thread on, we’ve compiled a nice graphic illustrating the FJC Colors from 2007-2013 (for the North American Market). So far Toyota has released 20 different color combinations for the FJ Cruiser, and has slowly moved away from the bright colors in the original 2007 model year toward more basic colors (Magma being the exception).FJ Cruiser Colorad (Click for larger version)


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Scosche / Hurley FJC at CES

Written by Shane Williams

Scosche Hurley FJ Cruiser at CESWe first found out about this FJ from our friends at iLounge, but now we have the full skinny. This sweet FJC was put together for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show last week by Scosche and Hurley, and althought it's a 'show truck' it's still pretty cool.

The cool camo wrap is a weird contrast to the aloha seats inside, but a show truck has to wow people. We like the All Pro Bumpers and other off road features such as Rigid LED lights as well. For details on all the gizmos, check out this full article.


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FJ-S To Debut at SEMA

Written by Shane Williams

2012sema_fj-sToyota has announced that the concept "Baja Ready" FJ-S FJ Cruiser will be on display at SEMA next week. This looks like the same truck TRD brought to the FJ Summit last July, but haven't received confirmation from Toyota yet. At any rate, this truck looks great and we'll be sure to get more details when we get to Vegas. You can follow all of our SEMA coverage on our SEMA 2012 Page.

See the full Toyota Press Release here.

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2013 FJ Added to website

Written by Shane Williams


Toyota added the 2013 FJ to their website today, so we can get a better look at the options and configure our ‘ideal’ factory build. The photo gallery includes the new colors, but there’s a good chance those are photochopped in. We’ve seen pics of “Magma” in the wild, but haven’t found one close enough to take our photos yet.

We configured a good ‘base’ MT Magma model on the site using the “Build your FJ Cruiser” tool, and came out to $31,490 with the “Convenience Package” and no other options. We expect that you may be able to do a little better if you take delivery from dealer stock. We’ve seen a few ’13 models locally, but we’re waiting for a Magma to take a test drive.

The Cement Grey Trail teams edition is also on the site, and shows the standard set of photos & information on the new model. Like the Magma, we're unsure of the color until we se it in person. It will be hard to beat the 2012 TTSE as far as we're concerned.

Source:  / Trail Teams Special Edition

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Joe Bacal + Toyota of Pekin SE FJ Cruiser Announcement

Written by Shane Williams

Last week at the FJ Summit, Mike Fort (Owner of Toyota of Pekin) and Joe Bacal, from JT Grey Performance Driving announced a new Special Edition FJ Cruiser project. What we're dubbing the "Joe Bacal SE FJC" will be a complete package setup for desert racing and will be available this fall. Other details haven't been released yet, but we're expecting the new truck to debut at SEMA 2012 later this year. Since Joe will be consulting on all the modifications, we're sure it'll be THE FJ Cruiser to own.

Full Press Release

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Warrior Products Front Winch Bumper

Written by Shane Williams

Warrior Products FJ Cruiser Winch BumperWarrior Products front winch bumper for Toyota FJ CruiserWarrior Products has released a new front winch bumper for the FJ Cruiser. The bumper fits 2007-2012 models, although Warrior doesn't specify if a washer bottle relocation kit is part of the package. The winch bumper is steel and includes D-Rings and of course a winch mounting location. A brush guard is also available with or without a light bracket. From the photos shown, it looks like the bumper provides a pretty good approach angle but we won't know for sure until we get a closer look at one. Click the photo for the product website.

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2012 TT In The Wild

Written by Shane Williams

2012 Trail Teams FJ CruiserWe've seen a few shots of the 2012 Trail Teams Edition FJ Cruiser around the web, but out friends from TRDParts4U managed to do a full shoot on a new arrival, and shared those pics with us.


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Exciting announcement from FunTreks!

Written by Shane Williams

FunTreks eGuidesFunTreks Announces Free eGuides

FunTreks has announced that all of their EveryTrail eGuides are now available at no charge!

See the full press release HERE

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2011 Summer Fun Run

Written by Shane Williams

Join us for the 2011 Summer Fun Run on June 25th. We'll be heading to Chinaman Gulch, near Buena Vista, Colorado. Click to read more!



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