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TCT Magazine Site Tour

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It just occured that we put together this snazzy new website, and never went over some of the great features. Also, several people have asked about our printed subscriptions vs. the free digital version. We wanted everyone to know that EVERY article from FJC Magazine and most from Tacoma Magazine are available on our site. Going forward, all articles from every issue are available for free in Digital PDF form, and will eventually land on our website as well. It's easy to search for anything related to your Toyota Land Cruiser, Truck, or SUV and find great content through our site.

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New BFG AT T/A KO Coming Soon?

Written by Shane Williams

New BFG A/T KOFour Wheeler is showing off spy shots of a newly designed BF Goodrich All Terrain tire in Baja.

For those not familiar with the legendary rubber, the BFG A/T has been the go-to tire for many years on vehicles meant for mixed-use. Every Special Edition FJ Cruiser ships with the iconic shoes, and many of us ran BFG's for years. The BFG A/T practially invented the all-terrain dual/use category, so any change is sure to be major.

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An Update on Printed Subscriptions

Written by Shane Williams

Printing PressWhile TCT Magazine is still taking printed subscription orders, I wanted to let everyone know where we stand for the January 2014 issue.

It turns out that printing a magazine isn't cheap or easy, which is why we've published our 2,000 subscriber minimum before we can 'turn on' printed subscriptions. As of today (December 3rd) we're just over 10% of the way to our 2,000 subscriber goal. This means that when the January issue of TCT Magazine is published, we won't be able to order the printed copies (yet).

BlackFriday2013We've done our homework so you can save....hopefully!

Below are all the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals we can find. If you see one not listed, contact us & we'll add it to the list....

ENJOY and happy hunting!




003-2015-chevy-colorado-1For years the Tacoma has been the undisputed champion of the mid-size truck market in North America, but that may be changing. While the legendary reliability of Toyota Trucks will no doubt continue, with a long overdue redesign for Tacoma not coming until 2016, it’s going to be a rough couple of years.

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Official TCT Magazine Founder Sticker

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We just ordered 2,000 limited edition TCT Magazine Founder Stickers:


These stickers are truly limited and the only way to get one is to subscribe to the print version of TCT Magazine before we reach 2,000 print subscribers.

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FINALLY! A Tamiya FJ Cruiser Kit!

Written by Shane Williams

Tamiya USA FJ Cruiser KitNow that the future of the FJ Cruiser has been confirmed, Tamiya USA has revealed their new FJ Cruiser R/C kit.

The Tamiya Land Cruiser R/C has been around for quite some time and is truly amazing, so we expect the FJC kit to be just as awesome.

More details including pricing & availability are coming soon!

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BREAKING: Toyota Officially Announces Discontinuation of FJ Cruiser

Written by Shane Williams

2014 Toyota FJ Ult 001Toyota has issued a press release confirming that 2014 will be the last year for the FJC. While the news doesn't come as a surprise, it's certainly not a happy time for us FJC lovers. They've also released several photos of the 2014 TTUE (Ultimate Edition) along with more details of upgrades for the last FJ Cruiser.

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Expedition Overland 2013 Premier Episode

Written by Shane Williams

Expedition OverlandWouldn’t you like to take your love for the outdoors full-time as a career? I certainly would.

There are literally hundreds of enthusiasts who’ve worked very hard to turn their passion into their job, and Clay Croft and the crew from Expedition Overland is one of the most inspiring examples I’ve seen. There has been fodder around the net about how XO is nothing more than some guys (and gals) trying to get people to pay for their adventures. While part of that statement is true, that’s certainly not the entire story. Expedition Overland is about inspiration, passion, learning, and most of all: the experiences that shape who we are as humans.

What we know about this season of Expedition Overland going in is that it’s set to cover the teams 6 week expedition to Alaska and the Yukon Territory. We know it will consist of 12 episodes, and we know it launches today. The episode opens +5 weeks into their adventure, with Clays soon-to-be legendary voiceover describing what adventure means to different people.

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Help Us Reach 2,000 Subscribers & WIN!

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We need your help!
In order to 'turn on' printed subscriptions we need to reach 2,000 printed subscribers. We're expecting to get there for the January issue and we can do it with your help!

Each time you  share this image, text, and URL and tag it with #tctprint on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any of our partner forums (see below), you'll be entered to win some sweet swag. You can enter up to 5 times per day, so let's get sharing!

Copy/save this image to share it:


Post this text in a status update or a new forum thread:
"Have you checked out TCT Magazine yet? They're covering the best in Toyota Cruiser, Truck, 4Runner, and Lexus 4x4 article starting in January 2014.
Get a free digital subscription or Go Print for $25 at #tctprint"

Include this URL & tag: #tctprint

That's it! Winners will be notified by TCT Magazine staff, and a new winner will be chose each time we reach another 100 subscribers. See the status on the left side of this page for our current subscriber count.

Thanks a million for helping spread the word about TCT Magazine!

Forum Partners:

SWAG Up for grabs at 1,800: One free year of TCT Magazine (new subscription or one year added to your current subscription)
SWAG Up for grabs at 1,700: FunTreks Guidebook of your choice

More swag coming soon!

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