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BREAKING: Toyota Officially Announces Discontinuation of FJ Cruiser

Written by Shane Williams

2014 Toyota FJ Ult 001Toyota has issued a press release confirming that 2014 will be the last year for the FJC. While the news doesn't come as a surprise, it's certainly not a happy time for us FJC lovers. They've also released several photos of the 2014 TTUE (Ultimate Edition) along with more details of upgrades for the last FJ Cruiser.

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Expedition Overland 2013 Premier Episode

Written by Shane Williams

Expedition OverlandWouldn’t you like to take your love for the outdoors full-time as a career? I certainly would.

There are literally hundreds of enthusiasts who’ve worked very hard to turn their passion into their job, and Clay Croft and the crew from Expedition Overland is one of the most inspiring examples I’ve seen. There has been fodder around the net about how XO is nothing more than some guys (and gals) trying to get people to pay for their adventures. While part of that statement is true, that’s certainly not the entire story. Expedition Overland is about inspiration, passion, learning, and most of all: the experiences that shape who we are as humans.

What we know about this season of Expedition Overland going in is that it’s set to cover the teams 6 week expedition to Alaska and the Yukon Territory. We know it will consist of 12 episodes, and we know it launches today. The episode opens +5 weeks into their adventure, with Clays soon-to-be legendary voiceover describing what adventure means to different people.

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Help Us Reach 2,000 Subscribers & WIN!

Written by Shane Williams

We need your help!
In order to 'turn on' printed subscriptions we need to reach 2,000 printed subscribers. We're expecting to get there for the January issue and we can do it with your help!

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Thanks a million for helping spread the word about TCT Magazine!

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2014 GX 460: Close Enough?

Written by TCT Magazine

2014 Lexus GX 460 023The 2014 Lexus GX 460 has once again been detailed in a Toyota press release. While it's definitely not a Land Cruiser Prado, since it's as close as we can get in the US, is it close enough?

Other than styling and features, the GX is essentially the same as the 150 Series Prado (down to the right-hinged rear door), and many modifications and accessories designed for the Prado are compatible with the 460. What's more, the previous GX 470 model is quickly becoming a favorite for family-exploration when a V8 is a requirement. The TCT Magazine family hauler is an '07 GX and we have plenty of fun modifications planned.

So the question is despite the Lexus premium price, would a GX 460 be a good alternative for those looking for a family and off-road friendly rig with a V8? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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Announcing TCT Magazine!

Written by Shane Williams

At Cruiserfest 2013, we announced the creation of Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine!

 TCT Magazine - Toyota Cruisers Trucks & SUVs

When we started FJC Magazine in 2008, it was meant mostly as a hobby and as a healthy way for me to deal with my FJ Cruiser 'problem'. In 2011, we started Tacoma Magazine to show some of that same love to the Tacoma truck platform. Both have been very successufl and have helped our team build the experience we need to take this project to the next level.

TCT Magazine, will include 5 issues per year (Jan-April-July-Sept+Year in Review in November), and will continue to be available as a free PDF download. Additionally, printed subscriptions of TCT Magazine are currently for sale for $25/year for 5 issues, US Subscribers can Order Now!. A fully interactive TCT Magazine app for all popular tablet and smartphone platforms will be available in early 2014.

The goal of TCT is to cover Land Cruisers new & old, 4Runners, FJ Cruisers, Tacomas, Tundras & all other  toyota trucks and SUVs. The new publication will also cover the great things people are doing with Lexus LX & GX platforms, and all international models such as the Prado, Hilux and 70 series.

Like its predecessors, TCT Mag will be driven by enthusiasts, and virtually all content will be enthusiast based.tct-magagazine-round-final-blackThe “Dream Team” of TCT Magazine editors include people very familiar to the Toyota 4x4 community:

•    Shane Williams will continue to perform Publisher duties and manage FJ Cruiser & Lexus content.
•    Jim Akers, our Tacoma Magazine Managing Editor will be covering Toyota Events & Advertiser Relations
•    Bob Holliday from Tacoma Magazine will be assuming the Managing Editor for Trucks role
•    Jonathan Harris, who some of you may know from the Moab trip to Cruiserfest, will be the Managing Editor for Land Cruisers
•    Wes Craiglow from Central Overland is joining us as the Overland Editor
•    Beau Johnston from will be handling the outdoor life section
•    Phillip Jones has been published in Toyota Trails several times and is very active in the community and will be heading up 4Runner coverage
•    Woody from IH8MUD is going to help out as an ‘editor at large’. We're sure to get great content from Woody.
•    Kurt Williams, of Cruiser Outfitters, will add his great experience for all things Toyota 4x4 related to our pages as well.
•    Paul Thompson from LGRT and Tomas Dawson from will continue to provide great content as well
•    Jessica Bowers will join the team as the Digital Editor
•    Tim Mitchell will contribute regularly covering communications and electronics projects
•    Our Creative Director, Kimberly Proffitt will continue to provide cutting edge design and layout
•    We’ve partnered with Redline Land Cruisers to serve as the official tech home of TCT Magazine, and will be streaming installs, reviews, and demonstrations from their headquarters in Colorado Springs.

Needless to say, we’re very excited about the full range of Toyota Cruiser, Truck, and SUV coverage we’ll be able to provide. Additionally, the first 2,000 print subscribers will receive a limited edition “TCT Magazine Founder” sticker.
The final issue of FJC Magazine will still come out in October and the December issue of Tacoma Magazine will be published as scheduled. All current magazine domains will be merged to in the coming weeks.

See the Announcement:

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2014 FJ Cruiser on Toyota Site

Written by Shane Williams

2014 Cement Gray FJ CruiserLast week Toyota added the 2014 FJ Cruiser to their website at

The addition looks nearly identical to the 2013 site, except links to the 2014 Trail Teams Special Edition are missing. The new color options are also included on the page, showing a Cement FJ with a white top.

The header still shows the 2013 TTSE in Cement Gray, and despite several photos showing Calvary Blue FJs, that color option is no longer available. The color "Hertiage Blue" has been linked for the 2014 TTSE, but we haven't been able to find a description of that color yet. The '14 Trail Teams FJ Cruiser is set to be available in early 2014.

See the Toyota FJC Site

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2014 Tacoma Pricing Released

Written by TCT Magazine

2014 Tacoma PricingToyota has released pricing & model information for the 2014 Tacoma. New options for 2014 include a 'sporty' SR apprearance package, and 4 levels of Entune audio, with the backup camera screen moved from the rear view mirror to the Entune screen. The SR Package is meant to replace the X-Runner Tacoma Model, which is discountinued in '14. The package is only available on Access cab models (PreRunner and 4x4), and includes various cosmetic enhancements. No performance modifications appear to be part of the SR package.

There are also two new colors: Silver Sky Metallic and Blue Ribbon Metallic, but Toyota didn't provide examples of either. Luckily, pricing hasn't been affected much with an increase of only around $100 (0.4%). A 5 Speed auto V6 4x4 Tacoma with the Double Cab & long Bed starts at $28,285. Of course the TRD Off Road Package or Sport Package will increase that substantially.

Toyota also released pricing for the 2014 4Runner at the same time, showing an average increase of $1,330 (4%) for the SR5 and $2,370 (6%) for the Limited. These increases are (obviously) to cover the new design and features of both models.

See the Full Press Release

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FJ Cruiser - Optimus Prime Auto-Transforming Toy!

Written by TCT Magazine

This just came across the wire:

Transformers FJ Optimus Prime FJ Cruiser Figure

What is it? Why an FJ Cruiser Optimus Prime toy that (according to the translation) is AUTO-transforming.

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Expedition portal + Overland Journal at the Expo!

Written by Shane Williams

Overland Journal LJ78 Land CruiserWith one of the largest exhibitor spaces at the Overland Expo, we can't wait to see what Overland Journal / Expedition Portal have setup this year. Last year their booth was one of the most remarkable so we expect nothing less this year. I doubt we'll see the Expeditions 7 trucks though since (last I heard) they were in Australia awaiting transport to the next destination. I'm sure the LR4 Build will be on full display, but we're really excited to get a little closer to their LJ78 Land Cruiser!

The Overland Journal / Expedition Portal booth is #7 in the trees, be sure to stop by!

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Is the End in Sight? (UPDATED)

Written by Shane Williams

2013 Trail Teams FJ CruiserBreaking News!

Our sources have told us that internal Toyota systems are showing the FJ Cruiser will in fact be discontinued after the 2014 model year. Although the demise of the FJC has been rumored since way back in 2009, this is the first ‘very likely’ news we’ve received about discontinuation. Toyota is not commenting on the future of the FJC beyond “there will be a 2014 model”, so this revelation will still remain in the rumor category until we get official word, which probably won’t happen until 2014.

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