TrekPak Review

TrekPak Review

TrekPak ReviewFor years I’ve struggled with the best way to carry camera gear and all the associated accessories. Often times everything has ended up in a pile in the bottom of a backpack, sometimes in a standard (small) camera case, but most times not. Our current gear consists of:
•    Nikon DSLR
•    35mm Portrait Lens
•    18-200 Multi-Purpose lense
•    Charger + 2 extra batteries
•    SD card holder
•    Nikon Point & Shoot rugged camera with batteries/charger
•    ContourHD video camera w/batteries, mounts, and charger
•    Camera cleaning kit
•    Multiple camera straps & slings
Getting all this gear organized has been on my ‘to do’ list for a while, but I’ve never been a fan of the standard (and expensive) camera case/backpacks. The Velcro/padding used to separate components is cumbersome at best. It usually slips and never seems to stay in place. I carry such a variety of gear that no bag has ever been worth the money.

When I saw TrekPak announced on Kickstarter last spring, then saw the prototype first hand at Overland Expo last may, I knew this was the system to try out. With such a huge response through Kickstarter & around the outdoor photography world, Georgia and her team had to re-work their manufacturing process before production could begin. Luckily, just before SEMA show they were able to get one of the first full-production units down to Colorado Springs before our journey.


The TrekPak system uses a unique design of panels that are connected with clips, allowing you to completely customize your bag or Pelican case to the exact size you need for your gear. What’s even better is that while we’re using their standard Deuter backpack system, TrekPak has systems that work with Pelican cases and even ‘RolliPaks’ that you can use to retrofit your existing backpack or bag.

You can see how I’ve configured the backpack to handle all of our gear, with the DSLR taking top spot. I use standard felt bags to hold smaller items and keep things organized, and most of the time I can get to the item I need very quickly. My intention was to carry the bag through the halls at SEMA show, but in reality this is a great system for hiking / outdoor work (it fits great in the back of the FJ), but isn’t the best for tradeshows since space is such an issue.

So far I have about 100 hours into this setup, and it’s worked out perfectly. I’ve re-arranged the components a few times and I’m thinking of adding a TrekPak RolliPak to my messenger bag for event work where I don’t need all my gear with me. Visit our website and our Facebook page for updates over the next few months!


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