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General Armor Rear LCAs

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General Armor LCAsRear Lower Control Arms (LCAs) are one of the most vulnerable parts of the FJ Cruiser suspension. The OEM parts are made of thin metal that’s fine for road driving, but not suited to take the abuses of rocks, shelves, and other off road obstacles. While our previous aftermarket LCAs have worked fine, the Kevlar lined heim joints had a tendency to squeak and clunk when off road. When General Armor asked us to take a look at their new product, we were excited for the opportunity.

The first thing you notice about a General Armor LCA is that it’s constructed of square tube vs. round. This provides a smoother surface to slide on should you need it, but it also spreads the load over a wider area and more steel (1.5” X 1/4" wall), which results in less stress on your LCA and the FJ. The bushing casings are attached to the links via a proprietary TIG weld, which is where the additional strength comes from. You can really see the difference in the cross section photo.

Since these LCAs use the bombproof stock bushings (which General Armor can easily press out of the old links), no special hardware is needed for the install. Since the heavy duty casings hang below the mount, LCA mount armor may not be needed.

After a lengthy discussion with Antonio about the massive amount of testing he’s done on these links, we’re confident that we won’t have to worry about this part of our suspension. He even showed us several ‘U-shaped’ stock links he’s abused during his testing. Antonio keeps a stock link on one side of his truck to show how his LCAs hold up to the abuse.

General Armor is currently working on setting up distribution with several FJC Vendors, so stay tuned to http://www.generalarmor.com/ for the latest updates on pricing & availability. We’ve been told that these links will be very competitively priced and will be shipping very soon!

Detailed Specs:
1.  The Rear Lower Control Arms are constructed of 1/4"-wall steel square tube, 1.5" on a side.
2.  The bushing casings are constructed of 3/8"-wall, 2.75"-outer-diameter steel DOM tube.
3.  Parts are unitized using a reinforced (proprietary) TIG weld.
4.  An emergency brake hanger mount is included, which reuses the Toyota stock hanger and fastener.
5.  Powder-coated gray, or bare steel.
6.  Toyota stock bushings are re-used.  These must be pressed out of the stock LCAs and pressed into the new ones.

SOURCE: http://www.generalarmor.com

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