New Products: Aluminess X2

New Products: Aluminess X2

2010 has started out great for new products for your Toyota FJ Cruiser! Aluminess just announced two new (and long awaited) products: a rear bumper and all aluminum roof rack.

Ryans larger pic bTheir Rear Bumper weighs just 70 pounds and has two swing arms designed to carry a spare tire and utility box. If you’re running tires up to 32” the box will hold 3, five gallon jerry cans. Larger tires will result in a smaller utility box area. You can also upgrade to a sealed locker measuring 18" wide x 24" high x 16" deep in place of the utility box.

The bumper can be ordered without the swing arms as well, which will lower the overall weight. As far as we can tell, you cannot use the rear window with the drivers side swingarm in place. It’s easy enough to swing that out of the way to use it though. Aluminess avoids the dreaded plastic cutting that many after-market bumpers require by building their bumper to wrap around the rear of the FJ. This bumper is com-patible with the backup sonar found on many FJ Cruisers, but the rear backup camera will take a little extra modification to install on this bumper.

We look forward to seeing this bumper in action and expect that it will be included in a future rear bumper comparison.
The basic bumper starts at $745 and will run $1,895 with both swing arms & the utility box. Contact Aluminess for more information.



Ryan larger pic roof rack aIf you’re looking for a lightweight yet heavy duty roof rack, the new all aluminum rack from Aluminess will certainly fit the bill. While the weight limit of the stock roof rack is relatively low (mostly due to the plastic crossmember mounts), according to Aluminess this rack will “will hold more weight than the vehicle roof”. This rack has been engineered to be very strong, so it doesn’t matter if you’re hauling wood for a custom storage box or adding a roof top tent, this rack will be able to handle it.

Aluminess can also increase the number and size of the cross bars in the center of the rack to hold more weight as well. Right now the rack doesn’t include an air dam or tabs for lights, but we’re told Aluminess is looking into both of those options. Starting at $995 ($1,295 including slats) this rack is very cost effec-tive considering the features. We look forward to seeing one up close very soon.

Aluminess Products, Inc.



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