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Toyota as an Overland Platform

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Image Courtesy: Bretthn from ExpeditionPortal.com forum

Lexus GX 470 Expedition Build - courtesy of Marten M from Expedition PortalWhether you're surfing Expedition Portal, hanging out at Overland Expo, or reading any given issue of Overland Journal - it's clear that Toyota Trucks, Cruisers, and SUVs are a top choice as an overland platform.

The iconic Toyota brand is known for reliability, dependability, and ease of repair when needed, so it's no coincidence it's one of the top choices for overland travel. Also, since Toyota is an international brand, you're likely to find parts around the globe. In recent years Toyota has focused on using the same parts for multiple vehicles, increasing the chances you'll be able to find what you need on the rare occasion that a repair is necessary.

The Hilux & Tacoma truck platforms are among the top choices for those needing the added utility of a truck bed, while in many countries the 70-series Land Cruiser is the perfect Overland Vehicle (see Expeditions 7). In the United States, all models of Land Cruiser (especially the 80 & 100 series) are at the top of the list, with the newer 4Runner and FJ Cruiser good options for those looking for a smaller platform. Of course Lexus variants of the Land Cruiser (LX Series) and Prado (GX series) are increasingly being used to build dependable overland rigs.

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