Redline Slider Install

Redline Slider Install

Redline FJ Cruiser Slider InstallAs promised in the last issue, we were able to get the new Redline Land Cruisers sliders installed on the TRD. I was cautiously curious to see how the sturdy OEM sliders have handled 93,000 miles and some pretty good off road abuse. So one afternoon I whipped out the jack stands and tackled the removal/install.

In reality this article should be more about removing old sliders than installing new ones. Not that removal should be terribly difficult, and in fact it wasn’t – for 15 out of the 16 bolts. With 8 bolts in 4 pairs per side of the truck, getting the old sliders off isn’t hard, but it does take some time. Luckily Toyota was thinking outside the box when they designed the sliders, the top bolt holes are notched so the hard-to-get-to bolts simply need to be loosened to remove the slider.

The passenger side went great, the bolts came right out (almost too easy) and I was able to clean up the frame before installing the Redline Sliders. The FJC just looks weird without sliders, but I digress. 16 zips later with the ratchet and side 1 was done.

The first thing you definitely notice about the Redline Sliders is the width. They’re easily twice as (or three times) as wide as the OEM version, so the panels of the FJ will be fully protected. I also really like the built in mounting holes inside each gusset. You can use these to mount rock lights or any other item you may need to mount low (crawl cameras perhaps?). At first I wasn’t sure about the shiny finish, but after the install I think it looks great – it matches the <almost> shiny surface of the FJC. I’m sure Redline will sell you a bare or matte set if you ask nicely.

As quick and easy as the first side was, I anticipated no issues with the driver’s side. Of the 8 bolts on this side, 7 came out perfectly but one bolt decided it wasn’t going to cooperate. Apparently the nut that’s welded inside the frame broke off after a very hard hit sometime in the last 90,0000+ miles, so the bolt just spun without budging at all. In the end it took Jim and I over 40 minutes of prying, banging, and eventually cutting to get that last bolt out. The quick 30 minute install ended up taking over twice that long, and I’m currently short one bolt on the driver’s side. I’ll be at Redlines shop doing some work next month, so I’ll see what they can do to remedy the issue. We may just have them weld that portion of the slider to the truck.

So great looking sliders, providing outstanding protection and a few added features.

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