Twin TTs

Twin TTs

Twin 2012 Trail Teams FJ Cruiser 4x4 Trucks

In the off road world, more specifically the FJ Cruiser world, there are many firsts. The first time you see an FJ in the wild, your first test drive, your first FJC event. Who can forget the first trail you took your FJ on, the first modification you made, or the first time you had to use A-Trac?

Several companies created custom, one-off red FJ Cruisers since 2007, and many enthusiasts have longed for a production ‘real’ red FJ Cruiser. As we reported in late 2011, Toyota finally answered our requests with the 2012 Trail Teams edition: The first production ‘Radiant Red’ FJ Cruiser.

Special Edition FJC’s are nothing new, they’ve been around nearly as long as the FJ. 2007 : Black Diamond TRD SE; 2008 : White TT SE; 2009/2010 : Sandstorm TT SE; 2011 : Army Green TT SE (and NSSE); and finally the 2012 : Radiant Red TT SE. With so many great previous Special Edition FJ Cruisers, why is everyone so excited about the 2012 version?


To find out, we enlisted the help of the first two (as far as we know) 2012 TT SE owners in Colorado: Tim and Eric. Most members know these two gentlemen fairly well. Eric (Atomheart) started the 2012 TTSE tracking thread, which has been very popular and really shows how excited people are about this truck. Eric is also brand new to the FJC and 4x4 world, and his trip with us for these photos to Slaughterhouse Gulch near Bailey, CO was his first 4x4 trip ever. Tim (wegotog), on the other hand, is not so new in the FJ world. He purchased an FJ last year (Quicksand), but decided to trade it in when the Radiant Red was announced. Tim had always driven red vehicles until his first FJ, so there was no question that he would upgrade when the TT was announced.


While these 2012 TT’s are twins, they are not identical. What fun would that be? Tim graciously allowed his truck to be the donor vehicle for our Warrior Front Bumper Install (see page 10), and Eric had many of his initial mods waiting when his truck arrived. As exciting as it is to drive a new FJ Cruiser home from the dealer, installing your first mod and running your first trail are even better.

I mentioned that Eric is new to the 4x4 world, and the trail we ran to get these photos was his first ever. At one point Eric even became the trail leader, as we were busy shooting a few hundred photos and a little video. He did great, and after the final semi-difficult hill climb toward the end of the trail, Eric was ecstatic about how well the FJC performs off road. Welcome to the club Eric!

If it were feasible, we would add a 2012 TTSE to the FJC Magazine stable tomorrow! They stand out, they’re absolutely my personal favorite color FJ, and they look great in photos! For now I’ll have to hang out with Tim & Eric as much as possible, and hopefully we’ll all see both of them in Ouray this July!

Tim’s 2012 TT SE as of today:

  • Icon Stage 2 w/tubular UCA's
  • 295 Nitto Terra Grappler
  • Warrior Products Front Bumper
  • Warn VR10000

Eric’s 2012 TT SE as of today:

  • 285/75/16 Firestone Destination A/T Tires
  • Rough Country 3" Lift
  • Black-out Hood Decal
  • Body Mount Chop

More Photos!

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