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Club Profile: Colorado FJ's

Written by  FJC Magazine
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About Colorado FJ's:
Colorado FJ’s is a family oriented off road group open to anyone with any type of Toyota FJ (FJ Cruisers, FJ-40, etc). We run every type of trail, from easy trails passable with any stock 4x4, to more advanced rockcrawling.

Colorado is known for it’s beautiful mountains, amazing ski slopes, and of course, off road opportunities. Colorado FJ’s is a great group of FJ lovers that hang out & hit the trails together. There are no dues, fees, or regularly scheduled meetings. We get together when it seems like a good idea, and help each other out as much as we can. With over 300 named off road trails in Colorado, we’d rather spend our time in the dirt than attending meetings.

The few meetings we do have are productive and informative. Our latest get together was hosted by Stevinson Toyota East, in Aurora, Colorado. The main topics covered at this event were benefits of HAM (amateur radio) communication compared to CB radios. There was an introduction to the upcoming Dirty Toys School (off-road driving school)  hosted by Chris Nelson & Bill Burke, info about Georgetown Ice Racing, and ideas for future events and mod parties.

The Stevinson Service Manager Jeff Tossie, took great care of the group. In addition to offering a free oil change to each of the attendees, he asked three service techs (Kevin, Tanner, and Eric) to join our party and answer questions about our FJ’s. The hghlight of the event for everyone was the technical discussions. Several members were allowed to put their trucks up on lifts in the Stevinson shop so others could see examples of different mods and setups. Eric Ross, a contributor to FJC Magazine, showed off his highly modified VooDoo Blue. Everyone got a great close up look at his full set of Bud Build Skids, his ARB bumper, and other mods. We also got to see first hand what a small body bulge looks like. When asked about this issue, Jeff informed us that Toyota is aware of the body bulge issue, and is handling the problem on a case-by-case basis. If you’re truck is experiencing body bulges, we highly recommend that you take it to your favorite Toyota dealer as soon as possible.

If you're going to be wheeling Colorado, stop by coloradofjs.com, or find us on fjcruiserforums.com and let us know. We're always ready to hit the trails! Colorado FJ's will be sponsoring 2 convoys to the FJ Summit. One will start from Denver, and the other from Colorado Springs. Visit fjcruiserforums.com for more information or if you'd like to convoy with us, meeting times and locations will be decided soon!


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