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%AM, %20 %567 %2009 %06:%Aug

New inexpensive lift from Toytec

Written by

toytec3inspacerToytec has announced a new kit for all FJ’s (and 03+ 4Runners) that get’s you lifted for very little dough. The 3” lift/leveling kit #FJ3-RSP lifts your front 3” with T-6 6061 aluminum spacers, and lifts the back 1.5” with rear spring spacers to level the truck out. There are other front lift options available with this kit too if you’d like to keep some of the stock FJ Cruiser ‘rake’. This kit is great for budget minded people that use their truck primarily as a daily driver. At under $220, it’s an inexpensive way to change the look & performance of your FJ.

Full details here.

%PM, %17 %011 %2009 %17:%Sep

BudBuilt Rear Diff Skids NOW Available!

Written by

BudBuilt Rear Diff Skid for FJ CruiserBudBuilt has just announced their new Rear Differential Skid. This skid is as tough as you'd expect from any BudBuilt product, and look like they fit very tight to your diff. It's also compatible with the BudBuilt gas tank skid, and have drail holes for mud & water. The skid is easy to install & remove, so does not include a diff drain plug hole, although they are available on request.

This skid will run you $278 in bare steel, another $25 for powdercoat.
You can get a stainless steel version for $85 more, and discounts are available to previous customers.

More details here.


%AM, %22 %570 %2009 %06:%Sep

First pics of 2010 FJ Cruiser (sort of)

Written by


Toyota of Canada now has the 2010 FJ Cruiser on it's website. Including the new Army Green color, although it looks a little different than the photos below. Stil, it's interesting:

army green toyota of canada







Some enterprising enthusiasts over at FJCruiserForums.com have scanned & posted pics of the 2010 FJ Cruiser Magazine/Brochure. These are the first 'pics' of the Army Green FJ that we've seen, even if they are a little grainy.

Army Green 2010 FJ Cruiser











It looks to us like the "Army Green" is not quite so "Army" after all. Another interesting note is text stating that Iceburg white is available for all models (not just the 4X2). If that's not a typo & is in fact true, that could make for some really cool 2010 all white FJ's. We'll see what actually shows up at the dealership :)

Iceburg White for ALL 2010 FJ Cruisers?

More info & discussion in the FJCF thread.

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