Cooper Tires Review

Cooper Tires Review

Cooper Tire review from Tacoma magazineI am more than impressed with Discount Tire Direct and the Discount Tire store in our neighborhood.  We have had a very interesting first six months with our evaluation.  From a tire damaged in a parking lot due to a contractor’s lost debris to getting hit by a Jeep and ruining 3 tires and rims.  We have been to the top of 15 mountains.  We have put on 10,000 miles.  But best of all, we have made a lot of great memories.  And we look forward to the memories we have yet to make!

Now for the technical stuff!  I have never driven Cooper Tires or even MB wheels before and I am liking what I see and feel so far.  Being such an aggressive tread pattern on these Cooper DISCOVERER ATP's the ride is smooth, comfortable, and much quieter than I would have ever guessed.  With all of the highway miles that I have put on already, the tread wear is even and very durable.  Off road, they are just as reliable.  You want to talk about grip.  I have climbed up some steps and waterfalls that I really shouldn’t have tried.  However, I didn’t slip a grip.  Even in the snow, these tires are absolutely amazing.  It’s so nice to know that when you want to go, you can go.  The MB Wheels are a great match for the Cooper tires and my Tacoma.  I just love the look of this combination.

The service of Discount Tire Direct has been amazing.  I had the pleasure of working with Travis Comfort and Dan Meadows, however, I am quite sure that the rest of their staff are just as good.  When we ordered up the tires and rims on line, the process was easier than ordering fast food.  You literally select your vehicle, pick a size, and then pick your tire.  The same process goes for the rims as well.  They are even able to show you your options on your style of vehicle to make the ordering easy for us “Visual” guys.  

I was fortunate enough to be forced into meeting the great guys at a local shop here in Colorado Springs on Garden of the Gods Rd.  These guys are just amazing as well.  They had me in and out with the repairs made in what seemed like a couple of minutes.  With the wild fires in our area, there is structural reconstruction all over town.  That being said I picked up a bolt from a glass door knob in a tire while driving down the street.  

I have to send a huge Thank You to the group at Discount Tire Direct!  They made the entire experience so easy for me to recommend them to literally anyone and everyone.  And I do!

The one recommendation that I keep telling everyone is to get the road hazard warranty . . .


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