Skid Comparison

Skid Comparison

When armor modifications were first introduced for the FJ Cruiser, the only option for skid plates was steel. Steel is strong, durable, and has been trail proven for years. If you choose to go with steel, you won’t be disappointed. Within the last few months however, several new types of skid plates have become available. Aluminum skid plates from Rasta4x4 promise the same strength as steel at about half the weight. The latest technology, uses high density polyethelene (HDPE) material to deliver the protection you need with light-weight benefits and cost savings. These skids are an affordable alternative, that promise the same protection as the others.

The question is: How do aluminum & HDPE skids hold up in the real world?

In early June, we gathered a variety of FJ’s with several types of skids and modification levels to answer this question. Our goal was simple, determine without a doubt whether or not aluminum and HDPE skids protect as well as their tried and true steel brothers.

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