Tacoma Desert Limo

Tacoma Desert Limo

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When Krish is not tacking on meaningless miles daily driving his extremely well built Toyota Tacoma, he’s pushing his truck to its limits in the California deserts.  From the long-travel front and rear suspension to the cage work front to rear, this 2006 Toyota Tacoma is built to handle the abuse of desert racing while keeping its ability to comfortably handle daily driving responsibilities.

I had a chance to pick Krish’s brain a bit to see what the driving force behind this impressive build was…

What made you choose a Toyota? I chose a Toyota for more than just the reliability. From the beginning I wanted to build a midsize vehicle that was comfortable on and off the road daily and the Tacoma fit that category perfectly.

What other vehicles have you had prior? Prior to the truck I've owned a bicycle. The Tacoma is my first ever vehicle and I don't plan on selling it anytime soon. In a couple years it will retire from its daily driving job and become a full blown desert truck.

What made you choose this direction in your build? Since I was a kid I grew up riding dirt bikes and around the off-road scene and after witnessing desert race trucks I knew I wanted to build one for myself. The Tacoma was a perfect platform because even with the long travel suspension, it still maintains its on-road comfort.

Who were some of the leading contributors/fabricators/companies into helping make this build a success?  The main suspension components on the truck are from Camburg Racing, King Shocks and DMZ Fabrication. Without their top of the line products the truck would not be as capable as it is now.  LSK Suspension has also been a big contributor, doing most of the cage work and keeping my vehicle in one piece.  Stealth Custom Series has provided fantastic wheels keeping the truck looking unique and stylish.  Besides fabrication, I enjoy wrenching and maintaining the truck myself.

What are some of the things you like to do with your truck? Other than daily driving my truck I enjoy taking it out to Barstow or Lucerne, CA for some local desert off-roading. Once in a while I will also take the truck up to Pismo Beach or down to Glamis and Ocotillo Wells for some longer weekend camping trips.

What are some of your favorite features of the truck? My favorite feature in the truck, hands down, has to be the cab cage. Before the cage, the interior starting rattling apart and the cab started to crack from the constant off-road abuse. Now that it is caged bumper to bumper it has become extremely rigid and much more enjoyable to drive on and off-road.

What’s the most important thing learned during the building process? The truck has been progressing for the past four years and most important thing I've learned is to purchase exactly what I want it to be in the end. I started out with a spacer lift, progressing into coilovers which eventually jumped to long travel. If I could start over, I would go straight to long travel using the top notch components I currently have. After lots of money and years I have finally become content with the performance of my truck.

What's next?
I can gladly say the main part of my build is complete but like any hobby, it’s never actually "done". In the near future I would like to make the interior more luxurious with a custom flooring and headliner. Eventually once the truck retires from its daily driving duties I would like to 4-link the rear and upgrade the front end to a race kit.

List of mods:
2012+ Front End Conversion
Camburg 3.5" Long Travel Kit
King 2.5x8" Coilovers
King 2.5x10" Double Bypass Shocks
Fiberwerx 6" Fenders
LSK Bumper Connected to LSK Engine Cage connected to LSK Cab Cage
Total Chaos Spindle Gussets
DMZ Fab Motor Mount Gussets
Satin Gray Paintjob

DMZ Spring Under Axle Kit
King 2.5x16" Triple Bypass Shocks
Fiberwerx 6" Trophy Truck Style Bedsides
Sick Nicks Fab Custom Bedcage connected to cab cage.
Relentless Fab Axle Truss

Corbeau Baja JP Seats
Mastercraft 5 Point Harnesses
Rigid Industries Dome Lights
Pioneer AVH4200 Headunit

325/70/17 Falken Wildpeak ATs
Stealth Custom Series SR-8 Rims

URD Equal Length Headers
4.88 Gears
Detroit Tru Trac
Magnaflow Exhaust

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