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Let us get a few things out of the way right off of the bat!  The Tacoma will be built in two assembly plants, San Antonio Texas and Tecate in Baja Mexico. Toyota is NOT going to be making a supercharger for any vehicle in the near future.  There is NOT going to be a TRD PRO Tacoma for the 2016 model year (but there will be a TRD Pro in 2017). 2016 Tacomas will be on a dealers lot near you on or around September 10, 2015.  There will NOT be a Regular Cab on any Tacoma made in this model year.  Tacoma models with Crawl Control do have a new braking system though still come with disc in the front and drums in the rear.  The in-bed outlet is now upgraded to 120V/400W.  

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 FJ Cruiser

With 286 Toyota 4x4 trucks in attendance, the 2015 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree event experienced an attendance record that practically doubled the previous record. What was the recipe for this success? Since this was the 10th anniversary of the event, the organizers increased publicity, sought out more vendors and special guests, and provided more meals and over $40,000 in prizes.  

We actually make installing this bumper & winch look pretty easy :)

For this mod, we added the Rock Slide Engineering & COMEUP Winch to our 2015 Toyota Tundra CrewMax TCTExplorer.

This truck from Larry H. Miller Toyota of Colorado Springs is a beast, and the new hardware & recovery gear make sure it's ready to tackle anything.

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Toyota has released their full 17 minute Volcano Hopping Video from their trip to Chile with the TRD Pro Tundra.

The film has a very high production value, as is to be expected, and includes plenty of footage showcasing what the out-of-the-box TRD Pro can do.


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Photos by:
Dennis Lloyd, Bob Holliday, Jim Akers, Angie Williams, Shane Williams

The Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Team was out in full force at FJ Summit #9 last week. Dennis Lloyd, our FJ Cruiser editor was primary for this trip, but he was joined by Daniel, Bob, Shane, and Jim as well. Jonathan is a director of the FJ Summit so even though he was there (and captured some amazing photos of the event for us), he wasn’t functioning in a TCT Capacity.

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Who doesn't love a great video featuring a TRD Pro Tundra?

In this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred Williams takes an Inferno TRD Pro from the US-Mexico border on the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Pacific Ocean in Washington State, with plenty of fun dirt tracks along the way.

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The new season of Expedition Overland, their Central America exploration, hits on July 8th. They've released two new videos ahead of the official premier: A full trailer as well as a Vehicle Build Video.

Expedition Overland: Central America | Toyota 4Runner Magazine

The teaser shows what we've come to expect from XO: A great group exploring and finding adventure, this time in Central America. This season will cover 10 Countries and 10,000 miles and we'll be ready to check it out on July 8th!

The Vehicle Build video begins with thier partnership with Toyota USA and goes over the various modifications made to the all new 2015 Trail Premium 4Runners, as well as the 2013 Tacoma. The three vehicles are very well prepared to tackle anything and everything along the journey.

We'll be doing a Hangout on Air next Wednesday the 8th, so look for it on our YouTube Channel as we all watch the premier of Expedition Overland: Central America.

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Additional photos by Bob Holliday


2 way Air Toyota Trucks Magazine


After a beautiful day on the trail with the Las Vegas FJ Club the Sunday before SEMA 2014, I am looking around the parking lot and everyone is hunched over airing up and checking their PSI. That is, except one person. I looked at him having an adult beverage and still socializing with his hood up and these hoses attached to all of his tires. I immediately stopped what I was doing and went to investigate. Well, his air compressor is running, he is not hunched over watching each individual tire, and he still has a smile on his face. What is wrong with this picture?


He starts to tell me about the 2Way Air system that he came across at a local 4x4 meet and greet in Vegas, purchased, and installed. It seemed simple enough and after explaining how it works, I was a more than a little intrigued. It is a manifold system that runs to a “whip” connector near each wheel. You connect each whip to each tire valve stem, turn on your compressor (in his case), and sit back and watch one gauge controlling all four tires. You can even install a pop off valve in the system so when you reach your preset inflation level, the valve pops and you are done.


2 way air


When he was done inflating his tires we looked around and just about everyone with us still had one if not two tires left to air up. Running through my head was the fact that he was done faster than almost everyone there but he was also not complaining about a sore back or achy knees. He just walked around his FJ and disconnected his whips and put them in a nice little storage bag, closed up his hood and asked where everyone wanted to go for dinner. I think somebody might be on to something here. When we were about to leave he gave me the company info from 2Way Air and told me that they would have a booth at SEMA that week.


Just about every product ever created or any new way of doing something stems from someone getting frustrated with the way things “have always been done”. With that being said, one of the biggest frustrations that come with off roading is the time and pain that come with airing up and airing down. Pat Hickman shares that frustration, well he used to.


Pat was tired of running around his Toyota Rock Buggy and deflating each tire, one at a time, and then inflating them in the same fashion when it was time call it a day. So instead of just gritting his teeth and doing this routine over and over again, he decided he would come up with a real solution to this annoyance. You see, Pat is the founder and engineer behind Rock Smasher Engineering (a rock buggy suspension company). Pat came up with his “whip & manifold” system to create a way for us to deflate and inflate all of our tires equally and efficiently.  


The 2Way Air system features flexible, easy installation along with durable and reliable materials. The polyurethane tubing in the kit (3/8” for the manifold and ¼” for the whips) are chosen for being more flexible and durable than a nylon or rubber tubing. “Push to Connect” fittings make assembly simple and straight forward. Where Teflon is needed, they come already wrapped. The fittings for the whips are a quick connector to make connecting the Shrader Valve for the tires to the brass inflation valves clean and simple. The kit works great with every possible way to air up. You can use onboard or non-fixed air compressors, as well as CO2. The 2Way Air Kit can be ordered by number of axels on your vehicle; 2 wheels for a trailer, 4 wheels for a car or truck, all the way up to 10 tires on an RV or Semi Tractor and Trailer. Installation is even flexible; you can mount all of the pieces where they work best for you whether in the cabin, under the hood, or in a trailer.  


2Way Air was created not only for the off road community, but is used with RV’s and 18-Wheeler’s just the same. Though the users may vary, the usability is equally simple and straight forward.  

This is one of those products that once you see it in use, you must own a kit yourself and once you use it you will ask yourself what took you so long to install it!

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    Sardine Taco Tlacoula, Baja California

    The early morning chill turned to a dry heat as the sun rose lazily above the distant bluffs. We passed agave fields at high speeds while simultaneously dodging boney highway dogs. My surroundings reminded me of past years spent in the desert, but unfazed by the arid landscape, I was distracted by the days plans. The town of Tlacoula appeared on the horizon. We skipped breakfast because we knew what lay ahead. My backpack was empty, anxious to be filled, similar to the situation with my stomach. We came here the previous week not knowing what to expect, but this time around, we arrived prepared. After several months of living out of the Tacoma (the Taco), experiencing Mexico in its raw form, I am reminded that experiences like the market in Tlacoula, makes this lifestyle all the more rewarding.   


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