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Tires & Wheels

Written by  Jim Akers
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Discount Tire & WheelsGrowing up in a family of mechanics, I always dealt with the local parts houses and tire shops to take care of my wheel and tire needs.  Today is definitely a different time with the way people do their major purchases.  You can still have that relationship with your local dealers but it’s getting harder and harder to find.

We were contacted by Discount Tire Direct to try them out for a new kind of experience.  They have the same lines of wheels and tires that their more well known sister company “Discount Tire” has.

Turns out it’s a very efficient and smooth way of selecting and purchasing wheels and tires that I would never have thought of.  I quite literally went on their web site, found a rim that I liked on my truck using “The Interactive Wheel System”.  (Screen shot of Interactive wheel system with logo and pic of  MB Wheels Chaos 6)

The next step was to select the tires I liked. I had only two limitations, and they were:
1) Cooper Tires wanted us to test out their Discoverer ATP’s on and off road and
2) LT265/75R16 was the largest size I could go.

How does Discount Tire Direct work?
You order them on line and they show up at your door.  It is that simple. 

When you order wheels and tires they come mounted, balanced, and ready to install.  When you order just the tires you make arrangements to have them mounted and balanced on your own. 

I wanted to go this route because this is my daily driver and I am not making a rock crawler out of this truck any time soon.

To break down my tire selection:

  • The LT’s give you the extra sidewall protection that you can always appreciate when you drive off road in the Rocky Mountains.
  • The 265’s will keep me as fuel efficient as can be.
  • The 75’s will give me a little extra grip.

In the first 3 weeks of these tires and wheels I am getting 17+ MPG have already been to the top of 9 mountains.  On one of my last tanks I got 19.8 MPG.

If I have only one recommendation to give, purchase the road hazard warranty! On my very first trail run I lost a big chunk out of a tire, and the local Discount Tire replaced it on the spot since I had the road hazard on all 4 tires.

I have to say that I personally love the look of this combo on my truck. So far I’m much more than satisfied with the tires, wheels, and especially Discount Tire Direct. Checkout the December issue for an update!

More Photos!

wheel shot
Installing wheels
  • Finished!
  • InstallWheelsTacoma
  • wheel shot
  • Installing wheels
  • DiscountTireInteractiveWheel

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