October 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 4

October 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 4 (19)

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How often do you hear an event described as “Epic?" Each time I speak with someone, the last event they attended was the best event ever. They may have even described it as “epic."  Is it possible for an event to transcend the epic status and, if so, what’s the next level?

Hundreds in the Hills 2014 Land Cruiser Event Ouray Colorado

I look forward to any opportunity to travel in the mountains, especially with a few good friends. Event or no event, sitting around a campfire long after the sun has set is one of the most rewarding aspects of adventure travel. Campfires have the ability to invoke a primitive comfort inside all of us. The dancing flames, orange glow and inviting warmth can do wonders for your soul.

Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App Storedownload_nowI first saw a tailgate cutting board attachment at Cruise Moab a few years back. The utility, cleanliness and simplicity appealed to me both for food use and just as a sensible replacement for the stained and tattered carpet cover that was on my cutting board. A friend of mine gave me a rough cut board that he had acquired from a kitchen supply store. Not having a router or other tools required to give it a polished look, it stayed in my garage, not on my truck. Enter the LabRak Cutting Board. Located in Bend Oregon, Owner Shane Walters has a mind that is always moving at 1000  kilometers an hour. His designs are known for their complex and painstakingly detail oriented craftsmanship. His new cutting board is exacting in it’s build quality and and painstakingly simple. It was simple enough that we decided to install ours on a camping trip in the middle of the rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Land Cruiser 100 Series Cutting Board from LabRak

Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App Storedownload_nowPhotos by Angie Williams

You already know that the annual FJ Summit in Ouray, Colorado is the premier Toyota off road event in the country (perhaps the world). You know that every year hundreds of FJ Cruisers, Toyota Trucks, 4Runners, and Land Cruisers trek to Ouray, Colorado for a few days of trails, friends, and fun. You know that more vendors attend this event than any other, and the FJ Summit Raffle is legendary.

 2014 FJ Summit Ouray Colorado

For our coverage this year, let’s delve into some things you may not know about the FJ Summit:
•    You may not know that the 5 day event takes more than ten months of hard work to plan.
•    You may not know that of the eight years of the event, only a very few people have been to every single one.
•    You may not know how rare it is for an event this size to be given access to trails in the way that the Summit is allowed.
•    You may not know that without the countless volunteers who spend an entire week in Ouray helping the FJ Summit crew, this event would not be possible.

Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App Storedownload_nowWe are all familiar with what we use a winch for and that there are so many “brands” on the market.  How do you choose the right brand for you?  My thought? I try to find the best bang for my buck.  

All brands function the same way.  You unspool them, connect to a winch point, and pull yourself out of trouble or over an obstacle.

All brands are put together with the same essential parts, but that is where these basic similarities end.  I have used a few of the other brands out there and we have disassembled several of them to investigate what sets one apart from the rest.  Some have bigger brushes.  Some have different types of braking systems.  Any way you look at a winch, they are purchased and installed to get you out of a situation that you do not want to be in and usually at a time that is less than optimal.  That being said, this is one mod that you should not skimp on the quality.

Comeup Winch Install Toyota Tacoma

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We're so excited to present the most packed issue of Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine yet! We have over 30 articles covering everything from the FJ Summit to 12V Fridge Accessories. We have new contributors, great photos, articles, and thoughts from our amazing editors, and a few new surprises!

We're happy to welcome Daniel Markofsky as our new Land Cruiser Editor, and Adam Durazo as our Digital Editor. You've already seen Adam's work right here on the site, and Daniel is already gracing our pages with some amazing photography. Jonathan Harris is now our Editor in Chief, and the lovely Angie Williams is now Associate Publisher. TCT Magazine is on the move and gearing up for SEMA Show, but before we go, checkout what's inside the October 2014 issue:

  • download_nowFJ Summit #8 from Ouray
  • CruiserFest 2014
  • Hundreds in the Hills
  • Anasazi Overland Adventure
  • Pelfrybilt Gas Tank Skid Install
  • Well Built 4Runners
  • Baja Taco Trip
  • 100's in the Hills
  • The FIRST TRD Pro Tacoma
  • Helton Hotwater System Install
  • [FRAMED]: Red Cone, Arch Canyon, Poison Spyder, FJ Summit, Black Bear Pass
  • Introducing the FJ-UTE 4 Door FJ-40 Land Cruiser
  • Toytec Lifts Profile
  • Vehicle Survival
  • More Installs: Come Up Winch | Anti-Dark | 100 Series Cutting Board
  • 12v Fridge Accessories and Tembo Tusk Dutch Oven Table
  • Recipes!
  • Expeditions 7 Intro
  • Join the TCT Trail Team!

Don't forget, you can now get TCT delivered straight to your iPad via the TCT Magazine app. At just $2.99 per issue, or $9.99 for an annual subscription, it's the best way to experience Toyota Cruisers, Trucks, and SUVs. We include videos & slideshows for many articles, and everything is fully interactive!

We're also excited to welcome two new sponsors to this issue: Give a warm welcome to legendary ARB USA and Come Up Winch!

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