Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreOne of the first things I did after getting my FJ back in 2012 was to install a pair of PIAA lights on my bumper. I of course wanted to test them out, so a friend and I planned for a night run up to our local mountain peak. It’s an easy trail ride to the top. On the way back it was pitch black and the PIAAs. We came to an unbeknownst blind corner and almost went over the edge if it weren’t for a row of shrubs.

✓ 1/4” CNC Plasma Cut 4130 Steel Platerear diff skid
✓ Hand Welded Joints both inside and out - All joints blended for smooth, hang-free strike surface
✓ Bead Blasted & Powder Coated Red (Additional colors upon request for additional fee)
✓ Built to tight tolerances for best fit
✓ CADD Designed and reviewed by Licensed Engineer
✓ New Grade 5 Hardware Included

From Digger (the manufacturer): This diff skid was designed and built with a few ideas in mind:
1. Clearance – Some other diff skids on the market sacrifice clearance for protection. This diff skid fits flush against the bottom of the rear diff. The only clearance lost is the thickness of the material.
2. Ease of use - Our diff skid is currently the only one on the market that allows diff fluid servicing without removing the skid. This is accomplished by guarding the factory drain plug standoff with a 1/2" long piece of 3" DOM tubing (1/2" wall). This provides the best protection without sacrificing accessibility.
3. Fail safe attachment system - Our diff skid is mounted under tension and designed to be an integral part of the skid structure. There is no slipping or sliding into the driveshaft or 3rd member yoke. The drain plug stand off does not only protect but also acts as part of the attachment system.
4. Strength - Our diff skid body is made from 1 solid piece of 1/4" HR plate. It is CNC plasma cut and bent to conform to the rear diff of the FJ cruiser. There are 4 seams that are welded inside and out to ensure maximum strength and durability. As mentioned above, it is put on and torqued under tension. This "pre-loads" the diff skid and allows it to also to act as a kind of axle truss to strengthen the interface between the diff housing and the axle housings.

For more information or to order, contact Digger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Published in October 2009

bajarackBaja Rack has introduced a new basket insert option for your FJ Cruiser. It’s not a full length basket, which means you’ll have a little room at the rear of your rack to use as you like. It ships with an airdam and has tabs for up to four lights.
This basket does not increase the height of your FJ, so if you fit in your garage now you still will after this basket. A stretch net is also included. Look for a full review in an upcoming issue of FJC Magazine.

More details & info at

Published in October 2009
We’ve been using our Kenwood DNX-7120 daily for over 9 months now, so we thought it was time for an update on our original January 2009 article.Kenwood 7120 topo maps screenshot
Published in October 2009

When you’re ready to install off road lights, make sure you have lots of time and patience, a proper installation will take plenty of both. Dealing with wiring, soldering, electrical connections, switches, and the disassembly off the FJ's interior can be pretty demanding. We only recommend installing lights to those with quite a bit of experience in modifying vehicles. This is about as difficult as it gets.

With that warning out of the way, let’s get to it! Please keep in mind that the following is an account of how we chose to install our lights. Every offroad light install will be different, please evaluate your situation and do what’s right for your aftermarket lighting needs.

Published in January 2009

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