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Summer is in full swing, and we're getting ready to head to Ouray for FJ Summit #8!

But before we do, how about the July issue of Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine?

This issue is one of our best yet, with coverage of more events than ever before! You'll find a pic Phillip took at the Lone Star Jamboree on the cover, and inside we have stories from Overland Expo, Texas Lone Star Jamboree, Rock Therapy, Cruise Moab, and several trip reports. We have plenty more in this issue too:

  • download_nowMojave Road Report
  • Pirahna Dual Battery Install
  • TRD Pro Test Drive
  • 4Runners in Moab: Spring Break!
  • CBI 4Runner Bumper Long Term Review
  • Camp Stoves, Part 3
  • Choosy Troopy
  • Desk To Glory: Part 1
  • Cooper Tire Review
  • Introducing: The Sniper 4 Door FJ-40
  • MORV Trailer Upgrades
  • Join the TCT Trail Team!

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SCS Wheels for Toyota Trucks

Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreChasing the Music: Kokopelli Trail | April 2014 TCT Magazine
Photographs by Stan Wright and Jonathan Harrisdownload_now

Kokopelli Trail Trip Report | April 2014 TCT Magazine

I never really considered myself to be an impulse decision maker. I’m as spontaneous as the next guy I suppose, but I’m also a responsible husband and father. Every decision I make affects my family. So when registration opened up for Cruise Moab 2013, I did what any responsible father and husband would do. I signed up without consulting my wife at all. Surely she would understand, right? In my responsible, think of others first mentality, I also signed on for the 3-Day Kokopelli Trail expedition prior to the start of Cruise Moab. Once I reached the “pay now” portion of registration, I paused.  I called my wife and explained how epic this trip was going to be. Would she mind staying home with the kids while I traveled the back country of Colorado and Utah?  “I’ll only be gone for 5 or 6 days” I said sheepishly. “What about us?”, she asked. I promised her that next year we’d do Moab as a family. Complete with comfortable accommodations, indoor plumbing and hot showers. This year however, I need to get away on my own. It's important for a man to venture out into the wild on occasion and  it’s refreshing to know such places still exist in this country. But was I prepared? Was my vehicle ready? This isn’t a trip to the store. It’s 150+ miles of backcountry expedition travel. It was time to take a hard look at what I needed.

Jonathan & Bob are working Cruise Moab this week, and have started sending in some great shots of the event. Plenty more to come soon!

Kokopelli Overnight Run

Kokopelli Cruise Moab 2014

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Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada | April 2014 TCT Magazine

Click the image for the full-resolution version

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April 2014 TCT Magazine 2014 FJC Trail Teams Ultimate EditionGet Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App Store

It's spring in North America. and we're ready for the adventure season to begin!

Our April issue is out, and as usual it's jam packed with amazing Toyota Land Cruiser, Truck, and SUV coverage. Our editors have once again done an amazing job at bringing the best news, information, and reviews to our pages. So don't wait, download your copy now!

The brand new TCT Magazine iPad app really is the best way to enjoy our publication, and at only $9.99 for a 1 year subscription, it's the best deal going. If you haven't seen the app, get it now. It's free and we have a free preview issue you can check out as well.download_now

Here's what you'll find in the April issue:

  • 2014 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition Test Drive | Dennis Lloyd (iLounge.com)
  • Kokopelli Trail Run from Cruise Moab 2013 | Stan Wright
  • 2014 Lone Star Roundup Coverage | Perry Lowery
  • CBI Bumper Install | Bob Holliday
  • Father & Son 4Runner Build, Part 2 | Phillip Jones
  • LabRak for the 100 Series Land Cruiser | Adam Aceino
  • Keeping Your Cooler COLD | Beau & Krista Johnston
  • [FRAMED] X 4: Canada Snow Run | Texas Observatory | Grand Valley, CO | Holy Cross Trail
  • Choosing a Stove: Fuel types | Beau & Krista Johnston
  • Monte's EPIC Finale | Monte Nickles
  • 4Runner DIY Shovel Mount | Phillip Jones
  • FJC Lighting Upgrade | Shane Williams
  • TJM Locker & Nitro Gear Install | Josh Lassiter
  • Introducing SCS Wheels | Eric McKercher
  • "Santoshi" Classic Grille | Matt Hayward
  • The Final Word | Clay Croft (Expedition Overland)
  • New & Noteworthy
  • Your Rigs!
  • Join the TCT Trail Team!


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GX-470 for Family Adventure & Ski / snowboard transport | TCT Magazine January 2014download_nowIf you've read many articles of mine in the past, or have followed FJC magazine at all, you know what a fan of the FJ I truly am. I love the fact that it really is multi use, and you can take it to the mountains and drive it to work the next day.
Unless you have a 3year old & an infant to haul to the mountains.

When we found out our baby girl was on the way, we knew we would need a new more family friendly SUV for our weekly trips to the slopes. The search was short lived when we found a low mileage '07 GX470 w/KDSS on Christmas Eve 2012.
The GX, for those who haven't had the pleasure, is basically a Lexus badged version of the Land Cruiser Prado that's available overseas. What's more, the GX is built on the 120 platform which means that many mechanicals are shared with the FJC as well as the 4th gen 4Runner. Needless to say, it’s a great vehicle.

download_now60 Series Land Cruiser is a great classic overland platform  | TCT Magazine January 2014Our Toyotas are more than a simple mode of transportation. They are an extension of ourselves, both in personality and functionality. Besides the obvious reason of dashing good looks, we choose a particular make and model based on how we expect it to perform in the myriad conditions we’re likely to encounter during ownership. And when factory offerings are not generous enough, we’ll spend thousands in hard-earned dollars on aftermarket accessories to ensure that our vehicle is as close to ideal as possible. This principle rings true whether hanging some seatback DVD players in the Swagger Wagon or plumbing nitrous into a Supra for track days.   

    It’s certainly true for we adventurous, backcountry travelers, who depend on our Yotas to not only get us out there, but more importantly, to get us back. So considering the levels of investment and expectation we place on our overlanding vehicles, it’s imperative to our wallets, our well-being, and our pleasure that we choose wisely.

Jan14CoverRotatorGet Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App Store

The inaugural issue of Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine builds on the great foundation set by FJC Magazine & Tacoma Magazine to bring you the best Toyota Truck, Cruiser, and SUV coverage.download_now

The entire TCT Magazine Team of Editors, contributors, and creative staff have worked for months to bring this issue to the world. Inside the January 2014 Issue:

  • SEMA 2014 Coverage | Bob Holliday & Jonathan Harris
  • Project Snowflake from Redline Land Cruisers | Shane Williams
  • 2014 4Runner Test Drive | Phillip Jones
  • SEMA Rigs: Toytec's Taco & "The Rock"
  • Selecting an Overland Vehicle | Wes Craiglow
  • Powerfilm 60watt Solar Panel Review | Beau Johnston
  • Finding a Last Minute Campsite | Wes Craiglow
  • Choosing a Camp Stove (Part 1) | Beau Johnston
  • Building the Perfect Family Overlander | Jonathan Harris
  • [FRAMED]
  • GX-470 F.A.S.T. | Shane Williams
  • Getting Addicted | Bob Holliday
  • 4Runner Re-build Project (Part 1) | Phillip Jones
  • Trailer Upgrade Components | Shane Williams
  • Ham Radio & APRS Install | Tim Mitchell
  • The EPIC (Leg 3, Part 1) | Monte Nickles
  • Graduated 4Runner | Matt Hayward
  • Introducing CBI | Bob Holliday
  • New & Noteworthy
  • Join the TCT Trail Team!


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