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June 2013 | Volume 3 | Issue 2

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coverwebIt's finally here! Check out the June 2013 issue of Tacoma Magazine NOW! We've got tons of great event coverage including Cruise Moab, Overland Expo, and Rock Therapy in Moab. We have a new contributor giving us the womans perspective on wheeling, Bob rebuilt his winch and shared his experience with us, and Kurt Williams is back with Part 2 of his Tacoma Build! We also installed a BajaRack & Rigid LED bar LIVE at the Expo, so see details on that in this issue as well.

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Wheeling: A Womans Perspective

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Womans perspective on WheelingCAUTION: Woman on the Trail
The better half’s take on four wheeling

On a girl’s weekend in Denver last fall, my friends and I parked on a busy city street and hopped out of my car, ready to take on a full day of shopping.  As I rounded the rear driver side, I stopped in disgust at the sight of a small stock SUV with a shiny new Hi-Lift and winch haphazardly mounted to the front.

“Now that’s a waste of a perfectly gorgeous Hi-Lift,” I said.

The odd look of amazement and confusion on my friends faces told me that I had just spoken in a foreign language.

“That’s it. He’s finally converted you,” my best friend replied.

I’ve been four wheeling with the better half for a little over a year now. At first, it fed my addiction to getting out and in to the mountains as often as possible. Now, it’s in my blood.

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BajaRack / Rigid LED Install

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Rigid + BajaRack InstallThis year we made our first attempt at an “onsite - live build” at the Overland Expo.  With the help from our friends at both Baja Rack and Rigid Industries we were able to pull it off.  The price tag on this build was $1834.99 with the price of the Baja Rack Utility rack at $535 and the price of the Rigid Industries E-Series 40” LED Light Bar being $1299.99.

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Cruise Moab 2013

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Cruise Moab 2013

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Tacoma Build Part 2

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Tacoma Build Part IIIn the previous issue I went through how I began my 4 door Tacoma Build. This time I want to cover how I solved storage, electrical, and communication issues.


Basic Specifications:

  • ARB Simpson IIIB RTT
  • Front Runner 'Bakkie' RTT Rack System
  • Front Runner Windcheetah Slimline Rack (prototype mount setup)
  • ARB Touring Awning
  • Bedliner and exterior panel coating
  • Core-Trax Load Tie Down System
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Rock Therapy 2013

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ROCK Therapy 2013

After all of the jeeps, cruisers, broncos, side-by-sides and nissans had their turns and the dust has settled in America’s off-road mecca, it was T.a.Co.’s turn to unraveled the red rock carpet for the Tacomas in Moab, Utah.  Their second installment, Rock Therapy, took place once again in the very unique Area BFE, located 13 miles south of Moab, Utah.  Rock Therapy is a place for all those (Toyotas) who need to get away and clear their minds, or for those who need to feed their Moab addiction and wheel some of the best trails America has to offer...

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2013 Overland Expo

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2013 Overland ExpoThis year we spent a lot more time getting to know the people at the event!  We were given our own camping area for Tacomas and FJ Cruisers.  We had Demello Off-road and Icon Vehicle Dynamics join us as well. It was great to be able to camp with and get to know some of our amazing readers and better yet, we can now call them friends!  The American Adventurist forum and their group camped in the same section as us.  American Adventurist is an online social media community that promotes the values that are core to the American experience: Liberty, personal responsibility, self reliance, family, honor and integrity. American Adventurist is committed to achieving maximum positive social, environmental, and economic benefit to its members through its dissemination of information, discovery, and collaboration.  They and their group of like minded Toyota enthusiasts showed up and showed off their awesome setups. They had some great stories to share with us about their journeys from all over the country just to get to the event.  We do hope to hear more from them in the future!

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Introducing: PelfreyBilt

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Pelfrybilt Off RoadWe want to welcome Pelfreybilt, a new Armor Manufacturing business specific to the Tacoma off-road industry.  They are a husband (Tyler Pelfrey) and wife (Satin) team with a dream.  The entrepreneurial bug has been nibbling at them for the last few years, but they hadn’t figured out what they are passionate enough about to “go for it”.  That was, until they bought their white 2012 Double-Cab TX Pro Tacoma in December of 2011.

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Winch Rebuild

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Warn Winch RebuildRecently I had the urge to upgrade my Warn M8000 winch with a 3/8” synthetic rope by Southeast Overland.  Unfortunately, as I was spooling in the new rope, my winch decided to check out (better in the lot and not on the trail at least!).  With all signs pointing to the motor, my fingers got to searching the local for-sale sections for other options.  After a bit of looking, I came across a used Warn XD9000 that was in decent shape for the price.  After hearing from a friend of a recent successful rebuild of his winch, I figured it’s time to see how these things work on the inside and see what condition the new purchase was really in.  Rebuild time!

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